Dear Transit Miami,

I’m sending you some pictures since recently you’ve been posting up all the sketchy stuff you see while riding down Key Biscayne. I spent a few hours today riding up and down the William Powell bridge and took these pics of trucks parked on the bike lane right after the descent of the bridge forcing cyclists into the traffic lane when cars come off the bridge at over 50 mph.

Another water truck was backing up in the bike lane.

One city worker doing tree trimming stopped in the bike lane.

Another construction truck stopped in the bike lane right before the WP bridge on the Miami side on the sketchy section of bike lane that crosses across a lane of traffic.  The truck stopped right in front of me in the bike lane to make a phone call.

The one Miami-Dade officer I saw doing something was actually giving a ticket to a cyclist, when minutes earlier I was passed by a Ferrari on the bridge that was going well over 90 mph.

Basically everyone today blocking the bike lane was put there by the government, so much for caring about our safety.

-Yaniel Cantelar

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4 Responses to Why Do Municipal Employees Ignore Bike Lanes?

  1. Grayson Peddie says:

    90 miles per hour? Geez…

    And yeah, looks like government officials don’t care for cyclists. :(


  2. Chris says:

    I can second that. City of Miami cops have been the most habitual offenders. Also along South Miami Ave where there is roadside parking but then taking up the bike lane as well by double parking.

    But you know it’s not just vehicular traffic, why do joggers have to run (in the opposite direction) when there is a side walk 5 feet away? With no one on it?!?!


  3. thanks for posting it up, its bad enough with the tourists pulling into the bike lane to take pictures, we don’t need government employees doing it too.


  4. Someone says:

    Ah… what a wonderful place miami would be if law enforcement enforced laws…


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