Yesterday it was on Flamingo Rd. near Sunrise Blvd. Today another life was snuffed out on Sunrise Blvd. near I-95. Once again, the Sun-Sentinel provides an article with few details. When will the carnage end?

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One Response to Another Bicylist Killed

  1. Rog in Miami Gardens says:

    I think the carnage will end when attitudes toward sharing the road with cyclists change.

    I used to think that it was only in economically-disadvantaged areas that motorists couldn’t care less about cyclists, but a few months ago I was riding through Aventura, and most of the haggling and bare-faced intimidation came from motorists driving expensive luxury cars and sport utility vehicles.

    One of them even went as far as to stop, wait until I caught up to him (after he blew his horn at me) to tell me that I was an “… Fucking ass hole…”, only because he had to take 5 seconds to travel around me where I was riding.

    Attitudes must change before the carnage ends. Also our roads and streets must be designed differently. Currently, the vast majority of them are designed for maximum speed and efficiency FOR AUTOMOBILES, and not safety. And frankly one does not have to be disconnected from the other.


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