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The Miami Herald is reporting that FDOT has begun a resurfacing project on Bird Road. According to the article:

Workers will repave and restripe the road; widen the bridge and road shoulder; build a new sidewalk on the north side of Bird Road as well as upgrade sidewalks and curb ramps.

Crews will also make drainage improvements to alleviate water buildup in the swale area. Landscaping will improved. Lighting will be improved and new traffic and pedestrian signs and signals installed.

A pedestrian bridge will be built. Workers will remove existing guardrail and installing new guardrail at various locations.

There is no mention of new bicycle facilities. I have contacted Transit Miami sources within the City of Miami and the County and they are unaware of any bicycle infrastructure improvements.  The $2.5 million improvement project on Bird Road will occur between Red Road and Southwest 38th Avenue. Coral Gables High School happens to be on this stretch of roadway. Connecting a high school with bicycling infrastructure would be the smart thing to do; it encourages students to bike to school. Also, there is a bridge that crosses a canal on this stretch of roadway.  Bridges are often the most dangerous areas for cyclists; they must converge on bridges to cross any body of water.  I’m glad to see a pedestrian bridge will be incorporated in the design plans, but the transition should also be seamless for cyclists too.

For the record, FDOT has recently completed 2 resurfacing projects which are second-rate (MacArthur Causeway, Coral Way). FDOT seems very hesitant to accommodate cyclists on Sunset Drive and now it appears that cyclists were not considered in the Bird Road project at all.  This is not a pretty track record.  Please contact Transit Miami ally Coral Gables Commissioner Ralph Cabrera and FDOT District 6 Secretary Gus Pego and ask them why provisions for bicyclists were not made to this very important route.

The Transit Miami eye is watching every FDOT project closely.

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The Old Cutler Road bike path is in shambles.  Below is a fire hydrant that has been placed in the middle of bike path. There are dozens of other obstacles that cyclists need to avoid on this path. The Old Cutler Road bike path is long overdue for a makeover. Root rot, dangerous intersections, poor placement of signs, and oncoming cars are just a few other examples of obstacles that cyclists need to avoid when riding here.

Fire hydrant in the middle of the Old Cutler Road bicycle path.

This afternoon I stopped by Kennedy Park in Coconut Grove to check out the new fitness area which was completed in January. Take a look at the pictures below; I think you’ll agree that the $24,500 investment has paid itself off already. The fitness area was packed with people of all ages. Again congratulations to Commissioner Mark Sarnoff, for allocating quality-of-life funds for this initiative. The fitness area is undeniably making our community healthier.

Kennedy Park Fitness Area

Kennedy Park Fitness Area

Children and adults getting fitter

Children and adults getting fitter

No pain, no gain.

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Transit Miami would like to give Commissioner Sarnoff a shout-out for bringing a free bayfront gym to Coconut Grove. The new exercise equipment at Kennedy Park includes benches, cross-trainers, parallel bars, leg presses, a horizontal ladder and rowing machine. The money came from Sarnoff’s quality-of-life funds and cost $24,500.

This is a great idea; by providing a free gym it should attract more people to use this beautiful park and thereby encouraging a healthier Miami.

According to the article in the Miami Herald, Commissioner Sarnoff got the idea from his trainer, Aida Johnson of Equinox Fitness Club, who helped create a similar program in Chicago. Personal trainers from Equinox, the Downtown Athletic Club, Paradise Gym and 24 Hour Fitness will also be at the park next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to provide free instruction.  You can find more information about when the trainers will be available here.

Remember: No pain, no gain; get out there and work it! Transit Miami wants Miami looking fabulous.

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We here at Transit Miami love events that poke fun at  politics and pop culture. The 28th annual King Mango Strut will be held on Sunday December 28th @ 2pm in Coconut Grove. The 2009 grand marshal will be “Jimbo” of Jimbo’s Place on Virginia Key.

For those of you that have never been to the King Mango Strut I strongly encourage you to attend. This is one my favorite events of the year and it looks like it will be a beautiful day for some good laughs.  The streets in center Grove will be closed for the parade, so come by bicycle!  This is a family friendly event and it’s free.

You can find more information about this year’s King Mango Strut here.

Hats off to Commissioner Marc Sarnoff for working with Coconut Grove residents, business leaders, and advocates for pushing the livable streets agenda forward. Starting on July 4th, Commodore Plaza will be closed to cars and opened to pedestrians, cafes seating, and live music. Each closure will take place for five consecutive weekend from Saturday at 6pm to early Sunday morning. This pilot project will help determine whether or not closing Commodore more permanently is feasible. Please contact Commissioner Sarnoff  (My Commissioner tab above for more info) to let him know that you appreciate the effort.  More importantly, go out and experience the urbanism!


A street mural being chalked on Commodore Plaza during the early hours of Bike Miami Days.

Okay, humor me on the title of this one…

Our  nation leading sixth Bike Miami Days turned out to be the best yet, with thousands of Bike lovin’, orange wearin’, livable street advocatin’ Miamians enjoying the day. Highlights are numerous, including the unveiling of two new art racks, a rally featuring nearly a thousand orange clad participants, the raffle and bike decorating contest, and the parade itself conducted in honor of the events co-host, the Dutch Consulate and their annual Queen Beatrix celebration.

From here, I will let the pictures tell the story. Thanks again, and as always, to Mayor Diaz, the City of Miami, Eleven Leprechauns, and the scores of volunteers for making Bike Miami Days a reality. Also a special thanks to Kathryn Moore in the Mayor’s office who, month in and month out, is the tireless purveyor/architect of all things Bike Miami Days.






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This Sunday at 2pm, Transit Miami will be hosting what will surely be the biggest and best after party of the year. Many thanks to our sponsor, Eleven Leprechauns who are offering the following specials:  Free Mimosa as well as a  lunch special (salad, pizza, or sandwich and a soft drink for $8.99) until 5pm. After 5pm they will be offering 2 for 1 drinks.  Bike Miami Days volunteers will also receive a free lunch. Performing from 12-4pm will be  the hilarious Model Citizen improv troupe.

Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Dutch Orange Bicycle Parade.  As always, visit the Bike Miami Days blog  for all of the latest and greatest news related to the event.

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Next Sunday, April 26, Bike Miami Days returns, and this time the Magic City’s best car-free event is being held in the center of Coconut Grove. Word on the street is that Grove merchants are really gearing up for the event, with many offering discounts, specials, and giveaways. Additionally, there will be many concurrent events  occurring throughout the day, including kid-centric activities, live music, entertainment, and an an Orange Bike Parade- hosted by our friends at the Dutch Embassy in Miami (follow that link to sign up for a free orange shirt, and a chance to win one of two Dutch Royale Gazelle bicycles!) Also, dozens of organizations will be on hand to promote their good work. The Bike Miami Days website has all of the details.

Look for me too,  as I will be on hand to discuss Miami’s Bicycle Master Plan, which commences next week! Feel free to approach me to discuss all of your frustrations, routes, and best ideas on improving bicycling conditions in the City of Miami. More details on this to follow next week…

Finally, the Transit Miami After Party will be held at Eleven Leprechauns, located at 3120 Commodore Plaza. This family-friendly celebration of all things livable streets begins at 2pm and will feature, drink and food specials, live music, and features the return of the Model Citizens improv comedy troupe. We hope to see you there.

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Last Saturday Bike the Grove unveiled the first of three artistic bicycle racks in Peacock Park. Miami Bike Scene and the Coconut Grapevine provide plenty of coverage on this one.  I personally have yet to see it, but from the pictures find it to be underwhelming, if not underperforming. Let’s hope the next two hit the mark.


Photo by Rydel.

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This Saturday, March 28th, from 4-6pm at the Peacock Park Glass House there will be a special event called Bike the Grove.  Bike the Grove is a partnership between  Team 6, Leadership Miami and the Coconut Grove Chamber of Commerce. The centerpiece of the event will be the unveiling of a special Lebo designed bicycle rack. Installing artistic bicycle racks is a popular way to raise awareness and dress up any streetscape with both beauty and function-when designed well. I have yet to see any design, so can not comment at this moment for the overall beauty and/or utility of the proposed bicycle rack, which the Herald reports will be one of three signature art racks installed in the Grove. Two more will be unveiled on Sunday, April 26th when Bike Miami Days migrates to Coconut Grove. Marc Sarnoff will be speaking at Saturday’s event, as will our fearless bicycle coordinator, Collin Worth.  Kudos to the sponsors of this event and the bicycle racks, as they will both bring more awareness to the issue and continue to raise the profile of bicycling in the City of Miami.

We filled you in recently on the North Bayshore Drive Bicycle lanes - from what we have heard, the city is working to adapt this project to include the lanes.  No official word yet, but we will keep you posted as we hear more.

It has come to our attention that another critical bicycle access point will be entering a design phase in the coming months.  This time it is South Bayshore Drive in Coconut Grove, one of the busiest Bicycling corridors in all of Miami-Dade County.  South Bayshore Drive is a critical stretch of roadway for recreational and commuter cyclists, linking up with the highly used Commodore Trail and Rickenbacker Causeway.  Since this a County maintained roadway and project, we’ll be posting up a new set of contacts in the coming weeks.

The Miami Bicycle Advisory Committee and Critical Mass/Emerge Miami want to hear from you! Please join us this Saturday, July 12, for the second anniversary of Miami Critical Mass. The ride will begin at the South Miami Metrorail station at 10am. The ride will soon after depart the station and head for Peacock Park in Coconut Grove for a picnic and some direct bicycle route mapping. Yes, mapping. We need more input from the bicycle community on those routes you find to be the safest in Miami,  those you would like to see improved and where the City should install more bicycle parking facilities. To do so, I will have half a dozen maps on hand (printing as I write), markers and some brief instructions. We’ll break people off into smaller groups and you can have your way with the maps.

If you can’t make the ride, we will be doing a similar exercise during the Ride For Peace on August 16th in Little Haiti. Also, please click here to fill out a brief bicycling survey put together by Critical Mass/Emerge Miami.

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  • PAB supports the Marine Industry.  So do we.  The unofficial Port along the Miami River is critical economic engine for our community and should be working to unify into an official entity (Say: a Miami-Dade Port Authority?)  in order to maximize the potential of all of our resources.
  • The PTP is a mess and the CITT doesn’t have a real budget.  I’ve got to commend Miles Moss for his work thus far as the Chairman of the Trust, too bad the County Commission stripped the trust of its teeth…
  • This headline is precisely why I stopped reading the Sunpost (plus all the attention they give to Norman Braman): “County Eliminates 600 Bus Routes” Oh really?  600?  So much for that “The Story Matters Slogan” because facts sure as heck don’t…
  • Arthur Teele Park; has a nice ring to it doesn’t it?  Never mind all the corruption and bribery allegations, let alone the most dramatic suicide in Miami’s History…
  • Miami Beach Commissioners are looking to remove the Bike lanes from a reconstruction plan for Alton Road.  Anyone else see a lawsuit coming?

FDOT is obligated by state statue to include bike accommodations where possible. They were recently sued by a Boca Raton bicycling group for refusing to put bike lanes on A1A. They lost - a decision which we hope will scare FDOT into taking bicyclists more seriously.

  • This CGG headline is fitting: “There’s always something to complain about”  That just about sums up their mission, doesn’t it?

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