Dear City of Coral Gables,

I love you. You truly are the City Beautiful, a title and reputation well deserved and well maintained. (Well, at least when you’re not knocking out your own teeth by forfeiting precious building space for a parking lot).

Despite my deep affection for you, you lovely gem of a greater Miami municipality, you disappointed me today.

I love riding along your M-Path curves, but I will not tolerate one of your very own Public Works Department employees coming between us like this.

On my bicycle sprint along the M-Path, the last thing I expect or want to encounter is a City vehicle blocking the multi-use (bicycle/pedestrian/etc.) path.

If this is going to work out, you’ll have to promise that you’ll never again allow one of your city employees to violate our relationship. I better not encounter a motor vehicle on the M-Path ever again, especially not one bearing your city seal and colors.

I strongly doubt you’d allow one of these guys to block one of your motor vehicle lanes. Who do you think you are allowing them to block a multi-use path?!


Broken-Hearted Biker

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2 Responses to Coral Gables M-Path, Interrupted

  1. For a second, I thought I saw the City of Coral Gables channeling the City of Hollywood along busy State Road A1A, esp. on busy south-bound A1A near during “the season” in front of the Crowne Plaza Hollywood Beach Resort Hotel, or in front of any of a number of condos buildings on The Intracoastal.

    I’ll take Hollywood Code Compliance for $500, Alex.

    You know the routine, where despite plenty of space to park legally nearby, or maybe actually having to park a few feet away, city employees maneuver city vehicles at odd and perplexing angles so that they can screw with both pedestrians and cyclists alike?
    They treat those vehicles like their own personal safety blankets! If they can’t see them from where they’re working, they throw a fit like a baby!

    Look at us, we’re indifferent and oblivious municipal employees screwing with the city’s taxpayers and showing our disdain by leaving a city vehicle right where it’s not just in the way, but if it’s during the summer, we’ll leave the engine -and the A/C- running for 20-30 minutes while we’re not even in the vehicle!

    Yes, it’s for reasons like this that I never go anywhere in South Florida without my digital camera at the ready. And neither should you!


  2. Markus says:

    Sadly, this happens at this spot all the time and the crew supervisor doesn’t think it’s a problem and even yells at you when you point this out. The head of public works never bothers to return a phone call or email so why would his staff be better?


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