The good people over at Spokes ‘n’ Folks are reporting that a cyclist was struck and killed by a car last night in Coral Gables while riding with his two children. Luis Adolfo Meza was hit by a car at Segovia Street and Alhambra Circle. City Commissioner Ralph Cabrera, who visited the scene last night, said Meza was riding behind his two kids when they crossed. It is being reported that Mr. Meza ran a stop sign and was hit in this residential neighborhood. He was not wearing a helmet and did not have lights on his bicycle. No word if the driver was speeding.

Our condolences go out to the family.  This is a very sad accident for the entire family. Please be safe.

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7 Responses to Cyclist dies in Coral Gables

  1. Sad says:

    I am very sad for this man’s family. I hope Coral Gables begins thinking about their families and responds to this with positive action.


  2. sad 2 says:

    That area of the Gables has extremely high pedestrian traffic. The bicyclists and joggers and rollerbladers take over the streets and do not use the sidewalks or the grass or move out of the way for cars, even making cars stop in the street and wait to get over in the opposite lane because they will not get off the street. This accident is absolutely horrific in how it happened and I pray for those poor children, absolutely awful. Maybe the Gables can start thinking about how to deal with this traffic issue because I always think one day one of these “excercisers” are gonna get hit out in the streets. Maybe a “Bike Lane” or better lighting. Tons of non gables residents use that area as a “cut thru” to get to work or etc so there is a lot of traffic around there.


  3. Felipe Azenha says:

    Hi sad2
    Just an FYI, bicycles belong on the street, not the sidewalks. Pedestrians, bicyclists and rollerbladers should not be relagated to use grass either. Coral Gables needs to do a much better job with bike lanes. Bike lanes are very limited in Coral Gables. Better lighting (as you suggested) and traffic calming could greatly improve the conditions for all roadway users.


  4. E M F says:

    Part of the problem is cars drive too fast. Way over the speed limit & have no regard for pedestrians and/or Bicyclists. I agree with Felipe Azenha. We do not need to move out of the way for cars, cars need to SLOW DOWN & BE COURTEOUS or use main streets to get where thay are going instead of cutting thru the Gables.


  5. AO says:

    I feel terrible this happened but cyclist have to be aware where they are ridding. This happeed in a congested and blind spot for drivers, not very practicle for bicyclist ridding at night with no lights. Yes, I agree drivers need to use caution but that doesn’t mean joggers and bicyclist have the right to block traffic and expect cars to know to stop, wait until they can go around because joggers refuse to move over.
    I strongly believe common sense IS NOT being used by pedestrians. There is also an ordianance on pedestrians using the street on Greenway Drive and I don’t see that being enforced. When somenone looses their life and the city gets sued maybe more attention will be paid.


  6. maria says:

    my dad was struck by a car waiting 4 the bus on july 6,2010 in coral gables their should be something done about it. i am very sad and at times i feel lost. i miss my dad with all my heart. he was the best.


  7. maria says:

    my heart goes out to his family as well


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