Since the hit and run collision that killed cyclist Christoph LeCanne in January, the Transit Miami Eye has noticed that the Miami Dade Police Department has wholeheartedly stepped up enforcement on the Rickenbacker Causeway.  This morning I noticed a small army of Miami Dade police officers pulling over speeding cars. Well done MDPD, your efforts have not been overlooked.

Thank you MDPD!

Busted. Speeders can run, but they can't hide from the MDPD.

Unfortunately, even with the additional enforcement, many hazards still remain.  Additional enforcement certainly helps, but is not a long term solution for the Rickenbacker Causeway.  We still have a roadway that is designed to encourage cars to travel in excess of the posted 45 mph speed limit, which in and of itself is too high. Even with all the additional enforcement, I saw several cars traveling in excess of 60 mph today. Speeding is particularly prevalent on bridges, where it difficult for the police to set up speed traps. Drivers are aware of this and take the opportunity to rev-up their engines. For this reason, bridges are the most dangerous sections of the Rickenbacker Causeway for cyclists.

What we really need to do is design a roadway that polices itself.  If we were to construct a roadway with a design speed of 35-40 mph, we would not require the coveted services of our police department. Instead the valuable resources of the Miami Dade Police Department could be allocated to deal with the more pressing issues of our community. Please do not misconstrue what I am trying to say, I really am grateful for everything the Miami Dade Police Department has done for the cycling community. They have been very supportive of us, but enforcement is only part of the solution to the many issues that plaque the Rickenbacker Causeway.

Today I also saw a Miami Fire Department truck parked in the bike lane. A bike lane that also doubles as a shoulder creates a major conflict for cyclists when motor vehicles are parked in it.  You can also see several other pictures of Miami Dade County employees parked in the bike lane that Transit Miami reader Yaniel Cantelar sent to us last week.

Motor vehicles parked in the bike lane create major conflict areas for cyclists

4 Responses to Enforcement increases on the Rickenbacker Causeway, but hazards still remain.

  1. Chris says:

    I am a avid cyclist and also a city of Miami Fire Lieutenant. You are absoultely right that Miami Dade Police have made an effort to TRY and slow the people on the Key down. But the Miami Dade (green) has also made an effort to keep there Key fire station open. This is MORE POLITICAL then all might know.. I have recently run numerous calls with Miami Dade fire dept. There units that i am running into are from South Miami Fire staion 14.. This is a DELAY for asking HELP from the city.. This is putting ALL cyclist at risk and repeating a scene of the Late Mr.Lecanne. this is an agreement between ALL fire departments in Dade County. Call a mutal aid aggrement .. which states if another department needs help all they have to do is ASK neighboring department. I personally dont want to be caught up in a POLITICAL mess when i am lying on the street on the KEY.

    As for the city of Miami fire truck in this picture .. i will personally take care of this as i will ask my shift and the 2 other shifts to either park father down OR on the west side of the bridge and to TRY to stay out of the bike lane as much as possible due to contruction on the beach…


  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thank you Chris. We really appreciate all your help and are grateful for everything you guys do for cyclists on the Rickenbacker.


  3. Miami going bankrupt says:

    Danger on the Rickenbacker has been caused by drunk and drugged customers leaving Miami’s 24 hour clubs.

    The City of Miami is facing bankruptcy due to massively well compensated firemen and their incredibly generous pension. 180 firemen making over $200,000 per year?


  4. Eddie Suarez says:

    I noticed the police enforcement too. Thank you!!!! I asked my fellow cyclists if it were ok for us to go buy some Starbucks giftcards and hand them out to the officers as our way of saying thanks!!

    I think the continued enforcement will work. Word needs to get out to not speed on the Key or you will get pulled over. Sort of like the reputation that Pinecrest has. I NEVER speed in Pinecrest, I make complete stops, turn signals, etc… I’ve mentioned this to friends and they are like yeah hells no do you ever speed in Pinecrest. Those dark green cruisers hide in plain sight!

    Thanks to Chris too for looking out for us.


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