It’s only taken FDOT 7 months, but they finally tried to fix the Coral Way bike lanes.  As some of you may recall, back in October, I performed a detailed evaluation of the new bike lanes and made suggestion for improvement.

Thanks to pressure from of our readers FDOT agreed to improve the bike lanes. According to Transit Miami sources, FDOT is done with the repair work. Unfortunately I do not have good news to report.  FDOT gave it the old college try, and as a result, the bike lanes do not get the Transit Miami seal of approval. Essentially all FDOT did was remove the white lines that incorrectly terminated the bike lanes at every intersection.

Coral Way bike lanes before repairs

Coral Way bike lanes after FDOT repairs

Personally, I’m kinda tired of FDOT’s antics.  They should have gotten it right the first time and if they needed to fix it, they should have done it correctly. These reindeer games need to come to an end.

Perhaps FDOT could get in touch with the County Public Works Department. The PWD just painted some great bike lanes on SW 2nd Avenue. I’m sure PWD would be glad to educate FDOT on bicycle lane design.  The bike lanes on SW 2nd Avenue are clearly defined with two white lines that demarcate it nicely. Peg-a-tracking is placed in potential conflict areas such as intersections and driveways. PWD produced a textbook example of what a REAL bike lane should look like. The bike lane design PWD selected is entirely suitable for this particular street.  Well done PWD! Now if we can just get FDOT on board. Please help us; we need your help PWD!

New bike lanes on SW 2nd Avenue. Please observe the peg-a-traking through the intersections and the double white line that clearly demarcates the bike lane.

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4 Responses to FDOT tries to fix bike lanes on Coral Way; fails miserably

  1. Anonymous says:

    According to FDOT design standards and the MUTCD bike lane markings are to be discontinued across intersections. The dashed lines can be used across driveways. See


  2. Felipe Azenha says:

    Thanks Anon,
    Perhaps you can help me answer the following question:
    Why does PWD use pegatracking through intersections then? Doesn’t PWD use MUTCD standards as well?


  3. Anonymous says:

    I guess PWD can make up their own standards when they feel like it… they used the dashed line treatment across intersections on the Venetian Causeway as well.


  4. Anonymous says:

    While we’re on the subject of bike lanes, who can we make a fuss to about the bike lanes on SW 97TH AVE being covered on both sides with rocks and gravel for their entire length


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