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Posts from ‘March, 2006’

The No Dog Left Behind Act…

Florida Lawmakers are at it again, ensuring our biggest needs are taken care of with due diligence. No, not our lagging education system, nor is it our highly inadequate transportation initiatives, or anything else we might deem to be important. Under a new Bill, the Florida legislature is about to ensure that your loveable pooch [...]

You say Potato, I say Brickell Ave

The hot topic of the day is the renaming of Brickell Ave to include parts of the avenue north of the River along NE 2nd Ave. Historians disagree with the measure, saying it will contradict the feuds between the Brickells and Julia Tuttle/Henry Flagler. It’s just a name people! Not a History lesson embedded in [...]

Protecting Our Stupid Selves

Not that I don’t find it horrific that a little girl was run over by a careless driver, the response of her parents further adds insult to injury here. We see the need to protect ourselves from being stupid, with congressmen now calling for motion sensors and cameras to be placed on the back of [...]