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Posts from ‘April, 2006’

Q&A On Miami Transit

In our one month of service we’ve been asked many great questions from our loyal readers and subscribers. However, we recently received a question which has been asked quite often. It came from Tere, from the Coral Gables Blog (Great blog, check it out if you haven’t already.) In any case, we have spent countless [...]

Bus Upgrade Update

Miami-Dade County has voted to make the biggest purchase in the transit system’s history, opting to buy 300 30ft buses from Optima Bus corp. The contract calls for an option for an additional 300 worth approximately $200 Million for all 600 buses.

Some Quick Facts about the new Opus Buses: (Click Here for a Video)

Under [...]

The above diagram is from Atlanta’s Hartsfield airport, it is of a People-Mover similar to the one which will be installed at Miami International Airport. We wonder if they too paid $2 Million to “exercise” their mover or if they planned accordingly and didn’t rely on an Airline to manage the construction of a [...]

German Water Bridge

I found this picture to be too fascinating to not share. It is a 1 km water bridge in Magdeburg, Germany; it was completed in October 2003. It cost 500 Million Euros to build and links two vital German Industrial shipping Canals over the River Elbe.


Miami was the scene of Snicker’s newest citywide ad campaign yesterday because nobody was going anywhere, for awhile (pardon the pun, it was just too easy.) In any case, the closing of Biscayne Boulevard for the past day has provided a great insight as to how fragile Miami’s Transportation infrastructure really is. Downtown streets were [...]

Tax the Tourists for Transit

Florida Lawmakers are coming up with a great plan to have tourists subsidize mass transportation projects in south Florida by a new $2 per day tax on all rental vehicles. We believe this is a great idea, which will in the end help us all, including the tourist sector. The measure would have to be [...]

Homeland Deficiencies

There is obviously a huge flaw in the US Immigration system. No, I am not talking about the cheap Mexican labor crisis (Notice that most people only care about who’s going to do the low-wage, menial labor jobs in the US). That being said lets analyze why. Here we have the case of two, hard [...]

Who Plans our Cities?

We recently took the above photograph on a drive east from Naples on I-75. Amidst the beautiful views of the everglades grass and pristine wildlife (That we erroneously paved a road across in the 1920s to disrupt the flow of water in the Everglades in order to facilitate automobile movement) we come across the very [...]

A step in the right direction

It’s good to see the city of Miami, take a giant step forward to help those who need it most by creating a housing assitance program. This is a win-win situation for all South Florida residents. It begins to address the housing situation for lower-wage workers by providing them assistance in purchasing a home or [...]

Back on Track

It seems that South Florida residents are starting to get the hang of taking public transportation and walking to their destinations, however, just not in the way our transit authority would like. Ridership numbers for Metrorail and Metro Mover continue to steadily increase as more South Florida Commuters grow impatient with traffic. Now, we just [...]

Tunneling to Success

It appears that the FDOT is finally putting their ideas to a good use, other than the generally useless road expansions we continue to see across South Florida. Useless I say because in the long term this widening constitutes no major changes to the increasingly clogged expressways and streets of Miami. This project on the [...]