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Posts from ‘May, 2006’

Summer Transit Challenge

Well the first responders of the Miami Summer Transit Challenge are in…and, well, the results so far aren’t good…

We Present the story of Ryan Garofano, a loyal transit supporter and Miami Transit subscriber. Through his story, and numerous others, the flaws of our transportation infrastructure become very evident. Whats worse, as Ryan experiences, the [...]

Bling Bling

Amid Miami’s recent construction boom, we have failed to take note of how many famous architects have designed projects in our own backyard. From Cesar Pelli’s performing arts center to a new performance hall for the New World Symphony on Miami Beach by Frank Gehry. World renown architects are leaving their mark on the Miami [...]

There She Blows

Well, it may not be the world’s largest ship, but, the USS Mohawk is currently sitting in the Miami River, awaiting (an invitation?) before it is moved to its new home in Bicentennial Park. An article dated 2004, speaks of the ships’ recent arrival in Miami. The USS Mohawk and the USS Barney together will [...]

The Mother of all Boats

It’s not possible for us have the World’s Largest anything in our backyard and not go check it out for ourselves. We went down to Watson Island (Man, can someone please do something with that wasteland already) to snap some pictures of the current World’s Largest Cruise ship, the Freedom of the Seas. Thats one [...]

New digs for the Homeless

We hate to say it so bluntly, but, this move was long overdue. The relocation of Camillus’ House out of the CBD is a wonderful thing. Not, that we have anything against homeless people, in fact, we wish there was more help available to them. Camillus’ House should have always been located [...]

UM medical, on the rise

The Miami Herald is about 2 weeks late in breaking the news of the new UM Hospital to rise soon in the civic center area. We covered the article about 3 weeks ago and included a beautiful rendering (Pictured above.) In any case here are some highlights of the hospital:

Height-14 stories

Cost- $460 Million (Approx.)

Beds- 144

Location- [...]

Unveiling of a true visionary

Well, we just got back from the unveiling of the George E. Merrick Statue in Downtown Coral Gables. The ceremony was pleasant considering it was breezy outside with cloudy skies. We rode the Coral Gables Trolley to the Coral Gables City Hall, which was also a pleasant experience. The Trolley was packed near to capacity [...]

Keep on Tolling

Open Road tolling may be coming to Miami, as the MDX will be deciding on whether to implement the system on the Dolphin, Don Shula, Airport, and Palmetto Expressways. It’s a new technology which has already been installed at the toll-plaza on the Dolphin expressway heading east bound towards Miami. With Open Road Tolling, cars [...]

Tying up Loose Ends

The City of Bal Harbor residents are seeking to gain greater control of the heights and density of the buildings rising in their community. They are petitioning to get height restrictions imposed in the town (Thinking this will help prevent traffic from increasing.) Granted, fewer or shorter buildings will reduce the density of [...]

And we’re back…

…Some Might say its about time, but Miami Transit is back up and running after a 10 day hiatus in Northern Spain. We’ve got plenty of stories to tell and loads of Miami news to catch up on (Since when did net access become so damn expensive, we saw it up to 9 Euros [...]

Take The Miami Transit Challenge

Miami Transit is proud to present our Summer Transit Challenge.
We challenge our readers to use Public Transportation at least once a week this summer. Whether traveling to/from work, downtown to an event, or even the beach on the weekends, we ask that you make an attempt to make public transportation a part of your [...]

Traffic Circles

A relatively new character appearing in many of our daily commutes in South Florida is the Traffic Circle. Today, we will discuss the advantages of such traffic calming devices and how their widespread implementation can be so useful.
The idea for this topic came about because of the many traffic circles already in use or under [...]

This is a beautiful Photograph taken by a good friend of Miami Transit, James Good. James’ pictures will be appearing on Miami Transit every so often to give us aerial updates of the growth progress in downtown Miami. He regularly flies his model airplane downtown…

Let there be Art

Miami Beach is making a strong push to further its reputation in the global art community. The city commission recently approved the implementation and design of a giant marble slab (see photo above) in South Pointe Park, by artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. The marble slab itself will be designed to imitate an iceberg. Ironic? Yes. A [...]

Jorge Perez’s Take on Miami’s Growth

Great Article from the herald by Miami Mega Developer Jorge Perez:Jorge seems to have some of the same opinions as Miami Transit. Here are some key excerpts as to what our city needs to work on to continue to boom as it has in recent years. We agree with Perez’s assessment of the situation and [...]