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Posts from ‘June, 2006’

Miami Intermodal Center (Part Deuce)

Apparently, my recent gushing rant about the Miami Intermodal Center, sparked one hell of a discussion over on CriticalMiami. In any case, I’m going to elaborate on the Center and reaffirm my stance and views of the problems we will continue to face until it’s completed. An excerpt from the MIC website:

“In 1989, Miami-Dade County [...]


Goodnight Miami. Another beautiful photo by our friend: Mr. James Good…


Will the rain ever stop? Here is a satellite view from NASA’s website, which has begun the countdown till the highly improbable launch of the Discovery Space Shuttle (Weather Permitting) this Saturday. The 10-Day forecast doesn’t seem too bright either…Stay dry folks…

Photo Courtesy of Piano Gecko’s Flickr

Status: DELAYED!!!

Speaking of the Miami Intermodal Center and the rental car facility…
The Contact for the new airport people mover will be awarded to Parsons Transportation and Odebrecht Construction to complete the $260 Million 1.3 mile link from the airport to the intermodal center. The four minute trip will be able to handle 2,000 passengers per hour… [...]

A Lack of Unity…

Last week’s heat victory parade was not only an excellent celebration through the streets of Miami, but it was also a great opportunity for thousands of people to use public transportation to get downtown. Although I personally know several people who drove downtown (shame on you!) [...]

Weeked Words of Wisdom- Parade 101

A message to all my fellow Miami Natives: Parades are easy and fun, they involve minimal audience participation. Next time, don’t flood out in front of the floats…
Image courtesy of Yagru’s Flickr…

Once upon a MIC

Just found these above photos on a forum that I frequent. They are of the Miami Intermodal Center, which is so far, just a fairytale. What’s an intermodal center? It’s going to be Miami’s Grand Central Station connecting the new airport people mover, metrorail, tri-rail, Amtrak, metrobus, taxi, and rental cars under [...]

Planning? Who needs that?

I’ve seen some unsettling things lately about the current and upcoming developments in the city of Miami. I was first set off by an article which appeared in the Herald back in [...]

National Transit Stats

Here are the latest National Transit Ridership numbers; I pulled them off of the AP/Herald wire:
Riders took 9.7 billion trips on public transportation in 2005, up 1.3 percent from the year before.
Streetcars and trolleys posted the largest increase, up nearly 6 percent from [...]

FIU Fiasco

Well, I may be a day late, but I’m definitely not a dollar short. Hmm, where shall I begin? FIU, Florida Incredible University. It truly is incredible that so many visionaries are at the helm of this institution, leading the Golden (eh, they’re a few shades off) Copper Panthers well into a traffic fiasco. Honestly, [...]

Run-in with Road Rage

Well, I’d like to apologize for not writing sooner, like I promised earlier, but, I was engaged in an episode of psychotic road rage with an irate pregnant woman. Needless to say, she was hauled off to jail for her actions tonight on her commute home (actions which I [...]

The Burning Train

Transit Miami’s Summer Transit Challenge continues today with the very well detailed accounts of United Citizens for South Link’s Co-Chair Priyanshu A Adathakkar. I’d like to thank Priyanshu for taking the time to write down his experiences to share with us all as he dealt with [...]

That TOD, he’s just so hot right now…

See, told you these Transit Oriented Development thingies are the hottest item in the development market. Here is a write-up in today’s Herald (which I was oblivious to, until now) about the upcoming Brownsville TOD. Here are the highlights of the development: 8.79 acres [...]

Complain, for the right reasons…

Will the Grove NIMBY’s please stop whining? No, I’m not talking about their latest efforts to continue to balk at whatever proposal [...]

Metrorail Fire…

Breaking News- From WPLG (ABC 10) - The Miami Metrorail has caught on fire at NW 79th st and 32 Ave (CBS 4 Link, ABC takes too long.) The fire has not shut down the metrorail, yet, as trains are running on a single track. The Fire appears to have been caused by [...]