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Posts from ‘July, 2006’

Car in the subway

Fidel Castro Relinquished power temporarily…yada yada yada, he’s getting old and senile; what else could we expect?

Here’s a fun video, how would you react if you saw a car come barreling through the subway station? Quite entertaining, however, considering this was done in Germany in a highly monitored subway; I can only assume that this [...]

LCDs, Billboards, and Lights! Oh My!

There has been a recent big stink made over the plans of a developer to build a new mega-mall on the site of the abandoned Omni plaza and former Herald parking lots. It appears that the new mall will include “Times Square-like” elements such as massive LCD billboards, bright lights, and plenty of advertising space. [...]

Got a Face? You can Drive

If some of you have received traffic citations recently, I wouldn’t be too surprised. I’ve seen more traffic enforcement in the past 2 weeks than I’ve seen the entire summer. I’ve even seen the incredible rarity (and stupidity) of the South Miami Police force motorcycle cops out patrolling US-1 at one or two in the [...]

Flying High

The people have spoken and I have listened. ManolaBBB has come to me with the interesting idea of expanding the Transit Challenge past the summer to include our cooler months. Apparently she’s been speaking to others who supported the idea and stated that they would be more inclined to ride when the temperatures were bearable. [...]

Take the Money and RUN!!!

I present an unusual idea on behalf of the citizens of Miami-Dade County: a county-wide class action lawsuit against the developers who stole millions of dollars from all of us when promising to build low-income houses. That’s right, this crack squad more than qualifies to be today’s Maricones; they epitomize the weekly award to begin [...]

Where’s the building and what happened to the five million?

A press conference was held this afternoon by Mayor Carlos Alvarez and Commissioner Katy Sorenson, seemingly the only two politicians in Miami-Dade County with good intentions and morals. The subject of the conference: The competence incompetence of the Miami-Dade Housing Agency (didn’t see that one coming.) In any case, the Mayor is calling for appropriate [...]

Odds and Ends

Well it’s official, when visiting the Carnival Center for the performing arts this upcoming season you won’t have to leave the Benz at home with the Nanny and the kids. The Miami Parking Authority struck a deal with the Miami-Dade school board to manage all 770 parking spaces in 4 lots from 6 pm to [...]

Moment of Clarity

Unfortunately, I believe it has come to that time where I must clarify my position on certain community issues in order to prevent and dispel the skewed misconceptions which have been swirling around in a few comments lately about me. This article does not apply to the vast majority of you, but, I have to [...]

Falling Behind, Quickly

I may have gone a little picture happy below. But, I’ve come across a bunch of stunning pictures of two major up and coming transit systems on complete opposite sides of the globe. The first two are of the Porto, Portugal brand new Urban Transit Rail system. Mind you, this is a city of 1.5 [...]

Not on My Street

We’ve seen this occur countless times; a good project becomes an ugly mess when too many chefs are placed in the kitchen. The East/West rail corridor is supposed to link the communities of Flagami, Blue Lagoon, Doral and West Kendall. However, Flagami residents are putting up a fight to derail transit plans to place the [...]

Office Boom Could be a Boon

The following is a guest article written by Ryan. This article was written before the Herald’s article yesterday regarding the potentially impending office boom we could soon be witnessing and therefore bears little reference to it. Enjoy.

Greetings and Salutations. I’m Ryan, The Sprawl Hater, and I’ll be dropping by Transit Miami once a week or [...]

Lets Plan!

Well, I went to the Miami-Dade Transit Planning meeting tonight, just as I had promised. The topic of discussion was the placement of the 87th avenue, 97th avenue, and 107th avenue stations along the east/west rail corridor slated to be operable 2014. 2014 + the usual Miami-Dade construction delays and cost over-runs means I [...]

The Rocket was a Dud…

I broke a vow last night that I made to myself some months ago; I went to a Marlins Game and gave the slimy Jeffrey Loria a few of my hard earned dollars for a night’s worth of entertainment. I love baseball, don’t get me wrong. I hate Marlins’ ownership, past and present. I think [...]

"Fan Mail" Part Two

The Transit Miami Summer Transit Challenge continues with the story of G. Williams of Miami Beach:
…I’ve been living on South Beach and working downtown for the last 13 years or so and have not owned a car in all that time. The A bus is a delight (and [...]

"Fan Mail" Part One

I’m going to take some time to address some “fan mail” I have received via e-mail, forum commentary, or blog comments. Here is one from a forum friend of mine Paul:

Sorry, Gabe. This one is going to hurt. The vote to prioritize the South Link Metrorail extension (Alternative 5) over the Bus Rapid Transit [...]