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Posts from ‘August, 2006’

Midtown Madness Part 2

I’d like to thank those of you who took some time out of your day to participate in today’s column. As always, I encourage everyone to participate (even if you disagree with me) in all the subjects we discuss here on Transit Miami. If you have any questions, comments, or story ideas please feel free [...]

Midtown Madness Part 1

Ok, so we are going to switch gears today and we’re going to get a little bit interactive. I’d like you all to study the above picture and tell me what you see wrong with it. Believe me, there are numerous issues with this building, 2222 Biscayne, an office building slated to rise in Miami’s [...]

Ernie Schmernie

As hurricane Ernesto approaches with some of the most miniscule winds a tropical cyclone could offer, frenzy ensues in South Florida with the typical last minute preparations. It never ceases to amaze me at how many people are always caught “off guard” when a hurricane is approaching. We live in Florida for god sakes not [...]

Riff Raff Rivero

Heck, I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you, but, scam master Oscar Rivero is today’s Monday Moron. It just so happens that he’s had this award coming for quite sometime, however, in doing some preliminary background research on him through google and Miami-Dade property records a few weeks ago, I [...]

The Widening Gap

The shortage of middle income housing and jobs in South Florida is kind of like the big elephant sitting in the corner of the room; nobody wants to address the situation. I’ve summed up my thoughts on the situation below, but, I am sure that I did not cover everything as detailed as I would [...]

Ryan’s Take on the PTP

I have come to the conclusion that blogging while moving is a very difficult task to achieve, but, now that I have settled in the blogs will start flowing regularly once again. The following piece was written by Ryan who contributes to TransitMiami fairly often. It has a similar theme to an article I have [...]

Dumb Growth

Although the title may have proved comical to many of you, I have decided to change the weekly feature to Moronic Mondays. I did this after some consideration that the weekly column could offend some readers and portray a much unintended hateful message. In any case, Moronic Mondays still provides a humorous outlook on the [...]

Odds N’ Ends and More to come

This is the latest photo from photographer James Good’s collection. I try to feature James as regularly as I can because many of his photographs are simply stunning.

An article in today’s MiamiSunpost speaks of the intricate challenges that face the Miami Beach Alliance for Reliable Transportation committee (ART.) ART is similar to the [...]

Lets Talk about Krome/Insurance

Like I said earlier, I spent the better part of my Saturday morning at the United Citizens for South Link meeting hammering out some issues with the Florida Department of Transportation, Cutler Bay city officials, and State Representative Julio Robaina. The topic of conversation was the proposed expansion of Krome Avenue. The various reasons officials [...]

Transit Updates

Broward’s Transit Tax has hit a little bit of a snare in the county commission as they decided against spending $750,000 public dollars to promote the tax to citizens. A foolishly bold move to keep citizens in the dark as to what the whole penny increase would actually fund. The commission needs to educate voters [...]

Cribs: The Henry Flagler Edition

I spent the latter part of the weekend learning about the founding father of Florida firsthand. To understand Florida more clearly, I figured it would be best to try and learn as much as possible about Henry Flagler; the visionary millionaire who first made Florida accessible to the masses. /> Flagler was more than the [...]

Cut down the Stripper Pole Palm!

Driving around this afternoon, I found a palm which nearly impeded my view of one of those wonderful billboards this new law will protect. I was worried for a second that the palm may cover up the phone number for this fine South Florida establishment or at least the semi erotic, neon, oscar-like statues…
Folks, this [...]

Perfecting the Florida Landscape

Speaking of Moral issues, on June 20th, 2006 our local government sold out to big business, again. Governor Jeb Bush signed a bill into law that would protect the sightlines of the 13,700 billboard located within the state. By protecting their sightlines, I mean, it will enable billboard companies to cut down all trees which [...]

Back on Track

It’s nice to be back online. I hate ignoring my cyber audience, even if it is on a temporary basis. Much has happened during my brief absence, so I created this overview to wrap up some thoughts…

Check out thisa amazing video by James Good…

I’ve cleared up my issues with Miamista, though we realized in the [...]

Murphy’s Law

If there is one law that I can always hold to be correct, this would be it. It appears that my blogging software has decided to act up at the most inappropriate time; when transit related news abounds. I have picture to show (see below) which won’t appear, articles to write on the FEC tracks, [...]