It appears that e v e r y b o d y is busy writing and talking about Cuba lately; something that has nothing to do with Transit or development, most would think. However, the past few days have led me to some more stark realizations about our city: we severely lack a large, central, public location where people can come together to show their solidarity for any subject or reason. Just look at the focal point of this week’s celebrations: the parking lot of the Versailles Restaurant in little Havana. Good food, no doubt, but a parking lot? That’s the best we could come up with? I find it quite fitting considering our lives down here tend to revolve around the automobile and Cuba more than anything else, why not just combine the two. /> Union Square. No Champs Elysees. No Trafalgar Square. Nada! Celebrations instead are relegated to makeshift parades down bird road or awkwardly placed on the steps of the AA Arena. Even the Stephen P. Clark center with its near Brutalist appearance, abundant concrete area, and central train station lacks a common place where thousands could gather for celebrations, rallies, or protests (proves to be very beneficial for those on the county commission.) Heck, even the catastrophic and ridiculously hideous Boston City hall serves a better civic purpose for the people of that region. How can we begin to plan a city if we can’t define its center?

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