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Posts from ‘September, 2006’

South Terminal

This is a recent photo taken by Umiami305, it was posted on a forum which I frequent. It depicts the South Terminal at MIA which is soon to open. Notice the MIAMI spelled on the side of the building. It’s a nice touch most people tend to miss upon first glance…

PD March in the Grove!

Careful Miami PD, I’m certain that the sleepy village of Coconut Grove would not appreciate loud protests pedestrians passing through their quiet, single-family home, suburban neighborhood… The Sun-Sentinel reported that an estimated 800 people participated in the march. I’ll add that [...]

The Grove Says Wait! Let’s Negotiate?

Somehow, I told you so, just doesn’t quite cut it. Here is a comment I posted a few hours ago, in response to a anti-growth Coconut Grove comment made earlier:

Improving the Grove/PTP

I’ve shared my discontent on the people’s transportation plan (PTP) on more than one occasion on this site. I’ve also spoken of the nimby-like behavior of the grove residents who oppose any project which crosses their path but at [...]

Reporting Live from: (Insert Fake Suburban "City" Name here)

And then there were none. Major local TV news stations located in the heart of our city, that is. ABC, the sole survivor of the mass exodus of media business from Miami (Proper) announced last week that they too were headed to suburbia. Not just any suburbia, Browardlandia to be precise, making it one less [...]

Homeless Design

Well, as I’ve mentioned previously on this webpage, a large biomedical industry in Miami will prove to be an asset for the business/technology aspect of our community. The UM bioscience center is already paving the way in creating a dominant research foundation [...]

Curbside Shrimp

Driving around the other day, I thought to myself: “Man, I could really go for some raw uncooked shrimp right about now…” That’s when this fellow appeared on the side of the road with my order bagged and ready to go. Honestly, who would buy shrimp off of a guy standing on the side of [...]

Cross-Blogination, Just Kidding!

Well, it’s cross blogination day and things around here aren’t running smoothly. I’ve just [...]

Watson Island Part 2

I’d like to thank everyone who took some time out of their day to reply to last Thursday’s article. The poll numbers were much lower than I had anticipated, but, we generally got to see that the majority of readers were not in accordance with the development plans for Watson Island. I will [...]

Miami Cross Blogination

In case you all were unaware, in less than a week we will be conducting the Inaugural Miami Cross Blogination. What’s a Cross Blogination? Well, we Miami bloggers have come up [...]

The Disaster Known as Watson Island

Next Topic of Conversation: Watson Island. I’d like to hear what everyone else thinks about this touchy subject, so, please feel free to comment as much as possible below. I’ve also created a simple poll which can be found on the left sidebar…


Nokia HQ

Big news for the corporate sector of Miami as Nokia announced plans to relocate its regional offices into the Miami area. The regional offices will further bolster our dominant telecommunications industry. We are currently home to the Latin American headquarters of Terra Networks, Telfonica, AT&T, Ericsson and also [...]

Get Involved in Transit Planning

Some people have been wondering what they can do to get involved in some of the local transportation projects. I recommend any interested parties attend the workshops hosted by the local MPOs and local transit agencies. I try to post these once a month, and I attend as many as my schedule permits. Here is [...]

News Briefs

I’ve spent the better part of the day reading various articles about the reconstruction of ground zero in downtown Manhattan; hence the absence of any MM awards for the day. I’ll offer my take on the rebuilding process in NYC at a later time. I do however recommend reading a review of the site which [...]

The Ambulance Deer

Didn’t think I’d get to bestow the Moronic Monday award today upon anyone? Well, neither did, I, until I ran out to run some late night errands. This is also a character who should be nominated to appear on Burnettiquette’s WBA. In any case, this Maricon Monday Award is going [...]