Curbside Shrimp

Driving around the other day, I thought to myself: “Man, I could really go for some raw uncooked shrimp right about now…” That’s when this fellow appeared on the side of the road with my order bagged and ready to go. Honestly, who would buy shrimp off of a guy standing on the side of the road? He doesn’t appear to be too well trained on the proper handling of consumable products. The shrimp has been out there baking in the sun for hours and one can only imagine what conditions it has been kept in before that. I’m getting pretty fed up with all the illegal intersection vendors appearing in Miami, makes me feel like I’m in another country where as a tourist the locals are always soliciting you to buy some useless junk. Police should definitely start cracking down on this terrible practice (Yeah, as if they didn’t have enough to worry about.) Plus, the other day while pumping gas, not one, not two, but four people asked me if what type of cologne I wanted to purchase out of the trunk of their car. They had quite an assortment and certainly weren’t taking no as an answer until I offered to shove a bottle up their…well you get the point. It makes our city look awful if at every intersection there is some random individual trying to sell you churros, bottled water, flowers, random fruit, or in this case raw hot shrimp.

I think we see such a prevalent illegal street vendor scene due to the lack of public markets available. Legal vendors in many cities can successfully operate their mini shops in open air high pedestrian areas such as city squares (ex. Union Square in NYC), Parks (Central Park, Boston Common, etc.) or large avenues and boulevards (Paseo del Prado, etc.)

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