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Posts from ‘November, 2006’

$2 Billion Widening Spree

What a way to waste $2 Billion. Widening Krome? Don’t be fooled, our basic transit infrastructure fell apart long ago. FDOT simply doesn’t understand the social ramifications of doing this. They claim the widening is necessary to create a safer facility for motorists; however, it will only open a floodgate to [...]

In the News…

Today at 9 am, Miami-Dade Transit will be determining just how large a proposed Transit Oriented Development may be at the Coconut Grove Metrorail station. Grove Nimby’s have promised to be out in force fool heartedly opposing any significant density in from the proposed project. A decrease in density would be a severe [...]

Time Credo Loves Miami

I got home last week and ironically one of the first things I reached for was the most recent edition of Time magazine which happened to be lying around. I thumbed through the pages when a striking image of a beach I [...]

The Pesky Pedestrian Issue

A few months ago, while covering the opening of the Carnival Center, Alesh of Critical Miami led me to an interesting article on the concept of second generation traffic calming. The basic concept behind second generation traffic calming is that alternative traffic calming devices are implemented within a given [...]

Won’t you be my neighbor?

Coral Gables has a new resident moving in soon. That’s right, soon to be former governor Jeb Bush will be moving into the Segovia tower along Granada’s Golf course (leftmost building.)

Rent is $5,500 per month for the [...]

Coral Way: A Real Urban Scene

Coral Way has the greatest potential in Miami to become one of the best pedestrian oriented and truly urban streetscapes in the area. With the beautiful shade provided by the banyan trees and abundant on-street parking, the thoroughfare is just pleading for the appropriate development to create a new vibrant neighborhood. Coral Way [...]

The Modern Turkey Transit

It only seemed appropriate to share this picture with you all today. Taken by a transit security camera in New Jersey at the Ramsey train station, it shows a flock of wild turkeys seemingly waiting for a train to arrive…Happy Thanksgiving…
Image from Lopez1’s (No relation) Flickr…

Tom: "MDTA Butchery for December 2006"

A loyal reader and transit user, Tom, led me to this document containing the latest adjustments in MDTA service. There are many cutbacks due especially to a lack of ridership (20% of the adjustments listed), including Tom’s typical late night ride home; Overnight 40. He writes:

“I’m a little miffed that they’re [...]

North American Transit Cartography

I found these interesting maps of North America over on RadicalCartography. This innovative site is dedicated to finding new ways of mapping the Earth. The image above depicts the public mass transit systems of all the major cities in North America (Tampa’s Trolley didn’t seem to qualify.) It [...]

Density in the CG CBD

If all goes well, the City of Coral Gables will soon be approving the above mixed-use development in the city’s core. Designed by Fullerton-Diaz Associates, this mid-rise exemplifies the kind of Mediterranean styled architecture which has been rising in the city beautiful lately. Not all has gone smoothly however, in gaining [...]

I-95: A Rail Solution

So, the highway we built to relieve congestion on the boulevard is now a parking lot during the peak rush hour periods, what do we do? Well, we revert to the rail solution, after we removed much of the rails and likely allowed people to move into developments alongside whatever [...]

I-95: Disaster in the Making

Today, we switch gears (pun, you decide) over to I-95. The above photograph was found on a forum which I frequent and was originally posted/hosted by FTLBeachBum. The image was taken sometime in the 60’s, evidenced by the construction of the disastrous I-95 project occurring at the top [...]

I-95: The Liquid Plumber Solutions

Well, I-95 has grown vastly since its terrible inception in the 1960’s. Today, the arterial remains a vital part of the economy and local infrastructure, but, much like Biscayne Boulevard was in the late 50’s it is also plagued with a crippling amount of congestion. Rather than [...]

Same Ole Sweetwater

The reoccurring theme lately has become centralized on the opinion of the public with regards to community projects. Community involvement opposition recently has driven many projects in directions that most city planners/urban developers would not necessarily agree with and Sweetwater is no exception. The architecture department at Florida International University has created [...]

Savviest Party

Sorry about the infrequency of the posts lately, I’ve been caught in the middle of a very hectic week. I spent the better part of my day yesterday discussing some transit issues with some of the top minds in the county. We were brainstorming of [...]