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Posts from ‘December, 2006’

Miami’s Multiple Personality Disorder

I saw this today on sale at Publix. Can someone tell me when Dolphin Stadium was moved out of Miami and into South Florida? I’m sick of this identity crisis we have in the Greater Miami area. South Florida is such a [...]

Let’s Drive to Government Center!

Ryan is back once again to talk about government center. I’m actually headed downtown soon myself and will check out what he’s talking about firsthand. I’ll be back later today to cover the Miami Orange Bowl renovations, Miami River Dredging, and Density…

The other day I happened to be on the Government Center Metrorail [...]

Snowed in at Denver

Here is a letter I received from Miami businessman Frank Rollason to the Miami Herald regarding his recent experience snowed in at Denver’s Airport. Looks like Tancredo shouldn’t throw stones…

Letter to the Miami Herald Editor:

After just spending three miserable days and two nights in the Denver International Airport, [...]

The Miami-Dade County Planning Department Conundrum

While the commissioners bicker like a group of school girls over an impending public vote to boost the power of the mayor, the ineptitude of their previous decisions is shining brighter than ever this holiday season.

After severely fumbling with cost over-runs [...]

Macy’s One Day Sale: 22 E. Flagler St. Retail Building

As if renaming the legendary downtown department store to “Macy’s” wasn’t bad enough, now Federated [...]


I was idling in traffic earlier today, heading south on US-1 when I noticed something had gone amiss. The first thing that tipped me off was that a crowd had gathered at the South Miami metrorail station platform, waiting for a train heading northbound. As I inched south, crawling [...]

I’m Sluggin It

Rick of SOTP fame led me to this informative page on the concept of “slugging.” Slugging is basically carpooling, enjoying the benefits of using the HOV lanes, with one minor exception: your passengers are complete strangers. The site claims that slugging began over 30 years ago, during the oil [...]

Myth Busted: Density is an evil prospect of greedy developers that ruins Neighborhoods

Ryan, a good friend of mine and regular contributor to Transit Miami, has finally returned to tackle one of the greatest fears of many Miami neighborhoods: Density. This inherent fear towards density (particularly in those communities along US-1) has led many of these municipalities to lower the maximum allowable density, [...]

Miami State of Mind

I’m back from New York and had a great time experiencing the beautiful architecture and cultural sites without the hassle of driving/parking to get everywhere or anywhere. Walking and using the public transit was absolutely fantastic (as always) and continued to reinforce in my mind what Miami should ultimately be [...]

Managed growth, we should control our destiny

Here is a letter I received from Joe Corradino, of the Pinecrest Village council. Pardon the formatting errors, internet use time is limited…Enjoy…

A decade ago Pinecrest incorporated as a municipality. As a result the Village was required, by the State of Florida to develop a Comprehensive [...]


Well, I’m off again for my annual winter break trip up to NYC. I won’t be leaving you all empty handed though, seeing as I should have some ample time to write some new articles, but, just in case I have a couple of guest articles [...]

The Shops at Wasted Space

Alas, with the demise of the Bakery Center in South Miami over a decade ago, the then proposed Shops at Sunset Place were to serve as the urban catalyst for the city South Miami. [...]

Capital at Brickell

What could possibly be considered the most important architectural contribution to Miami’s skyline in the latest high-rise boom, has finally begun construction. The Capital at Brickell towers will rise to 53 and 57 stories at 1421 S. Miami avenue. The mixed-use [...]

Broken News

I’m back in town and am very glad to be here especially with all the activity going on over the next few days. I plan on stopping by some Art Basel activities this weekend among other things. I will also be attending some community workshops, particularly the Coastal Community [...]

Mercy Aerial

Earlier today, Adam wrote:

I’d really like to see some aerial views with the proposed buildings in relation to the existing hospital and neighborhood. My feeling from riding my bike through that neighborhood is that it is pretty institutional-feeling already. It’s hard for me [...]