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Posts from ‘January, 2007’

Miami Transportation Planning; Part 1

The Miami Streetcar should only be the beginning of a visionary transportation master plan to transform the City of Miami. Part 1 of this multiple part series aims to explain the map pictured above. Later, I will go in depth to explain the specifics behind route choice, design, [...]

City Noise and Pesky Residents

This is what happens when Namby Pambies from the suburbs move into ritzy urban dwellings. I have a feeling these are the same people that sue over blocked views and drive from one parking garage to the next.

“You move to the beach, expect some salt on your windows.”-Alan Hooper

At least the local politicians [...]

Riding the Rails of Reason

I’m excited to see such debate occurring on the previous land usage post. As evidenced by the discussions you all brought up, the area and statistics of the greater Miami region are very debatable, a problem we’ve compounded by the fractioning of municipalities in the region. What is important is to analyze the [...]

Municipal Land Usage Map

I found the above image on a skyscraper forum which I frequent (click for full sized image.) It depicts the land area used by several metropolises around the world. What is most shocking, I find, is our terrible land usage thus far. In a space where we have only been able to [...]

Miami: South of South Florida

Well, it’s official. Miami has seceded from South Florida. Yeah, that’s right, we’re no longer part of the lump which masses together unknown suburban municipalities into a family friendly destination. That is according to the Sun-Sentinel which recently happened to removed Miami-Dade County from its news channel listings. Apparently South Florida [...]

When NIMBYs Plan, We all Lose

The County’s zoning and planning department must not have too much urban planning experience. The board blatantly does not understand the transit oriented development concept and instead chose to bow down to the heeds of the Coconut Grove NIMBY force. In case you aren’t aware, the CCG NIMBY Coalition is against density, height, [...]

MDT Leadership

I came across an interesting comment posted on The Miami Herald in response to the strong mayor victory. Apparently we’re not the only ones dissatisfied with the leadership over at Miami-Dade Transit.

Hopefully, now the escalators along the Brickell Avenue route will be fixed after more than one year [...]

Straight to the Trash

Riding around on metrorail recently, I couldn’t help but wonder which public coffer was plundered to pay for the replacement see-through trash cans along every station. Look, I’m not against keeping the city secure from reasonable threats, but, I don’t think any terrorist is looking to bomb one of the most underutilized transit systems [...]

Great Success!!!

MDX hires FDOT veteran and Miami Native Javier Rodriguez as the agency’s executive director.

Transit in the Tropics: The CITT

Today, I would like to introduce to you a new weekly section titled Transit in the Tropics. I hope this weekly section can come to address some of the more basic transit needs within our county and shed light on some of the more pressing issues.

What better way [...]

Cleaning up the Mess, One Vote at a Time

It’s rare that I get very political nowadays on the website, but, I think it is important that we take some time out today to speak of the implications that tomorrow’s election will have on all the residents of Miami-Dade county. I decided to write this after asking someone if they were planning to [...]

Transit Miami, We’re Back!

Oh man, is it great to back in the blog sphere. I’d like to thank everyone for their patience as I switched blog platforms from the wretched godaddy quick blog software back to blogger. Things took a little longer than I expected (like most Miami construction projects) and I [...]

Transit Miami, Under Construction

Welcome to the New Transit Miami. The site is currently under construction, just like the rest of Miami. If you were on the e-mail list for the previous site, please e-mail me at so that I can seamlessly add you to the new e-mailing list. I hope to be up and running again by [...]

The Airtrain Solution: Part 3

To wrap up the discussions on the new proposed plans for the MIC/Airport connection, I will focus on why a direct line to the airport is such a bad idea. Like I previously stated, a direct line partially negates the reason why we decided to construct the MIC to begin [...]