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The Airtrain Solution: Part 1

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This entry was posted on 1/8/2007 12:41 AM and is filed under Development,MTA,Transit,Miami,Pictures,Politics.

    Knowing that my day will be pretty complicated tomorrow, I've decided to provide you all with a photograph of NYC's JFK airport's Airtrain and an interesting recent article on MIA for you all to mull over until I can better analyze the situation catastrophe occurring in our Aviation/Transportation departments...

    Other intelligent airport connectors: Newark, San Francisco, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai

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    • 1/8/2007 8:31 AM Steven Williams wrote:
      That idea is great! not only would it push the East-West corridor back even further, it will also push back the date of the Earlington Heights Metrorail extension as well all while eliminating the very purpose of the MIC! Someone in county hall seems to have a great talent for destroying the transit riding hopes of the citizens.
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    • 1/9/2007 9:56 AM Adam wrote:
      I think the important thing is that people taking the train to the airport feel like it actually takes them to the airport. I think they will be willing to take a shuttle around to their specific terminal if they can get close enough to the airport to feel like they are already there. This is how SF and JFK work. O'Hare and Midway in Chicago have trains that go directly into the airport but require 10-15 minutes of walking to arrive at the ticket counter. Anything longer than this is pushing it, I think.
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    • 1/9/2007 10:35 AM Steven wrote:
      One thing that bothers me about removing the Automated system proposed would mean that it would be a problem to get around in the airport once again.

      Just recently I had to drop someone off there at Gate D. The airline decided to move the flight to Gate A. The person I had to take was pretty elderly, but refused to take a wheelchair. This meant we had to walk all the way to Gate A from D. To make matters worse, we were told once we got to Gate A that the luggage had to be checked at Gate D, leading to another cross airport trek.

      If we had an automated system, it would be a matter of getting on it and riding it the 3 gates to the other one.

      At present, there are moving sidewalks in portions of the concourse, but they are difficult to find and do not run the entire distance they should.

      Simply making Metrorail stop at the airport is not the solution to this. There would be no increased mobility in the terminal and it would eliminate the purpose of the MIC which is also baddly needed.
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    • 1/9/2007 12:55 PM Ryan wrote:
      Good points. One thing we need to be careful about is that metrorail doesn't get hung up making several stops around the airport. We musn't forget, metrorail is a RAPID transit system, not a localized people mover. If it stops at the MIC plus at multiple terminals it will diminish service by slowing the train down for thru-passengers. We'll have a problem if one of metrorail's chief assets, speed, is taken away.
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