Miguel Gabela’s Zoning Board Tirade

What happens when you have a NIMBY on the City’s zoning Board? Let’s just say it makes for a very interesting discussion on Camillus House. I get the feeling had it been a Biotech company looking to expand in Allapattah, Miguel Gabela’s response wouldn’t have included multiple locations in every city district. Oh, and by the way Miguel, its a 400% space increase, not 75%…

Click here for images of the cutting edge building soon to be rising…

2 Responses to “Miguel Gabela’s Zoning Board Tirade”

  1. 1 Ryan

    This is what I’ve been writing about. It is completely unacceptable conduct for anyone in this position. One quote I think really sums this rant up:

    “I vote what my conscience dictates I should vote”.

    First of all, nice grammar, buddy.

    Secondly, if people serving on these boards are going to be voting with their consciences instead of facts, research, and expertise, then we are all really screwed. This guy can’t even do basic math, doesn’t seem to understand district boundaries, and was unaware that this project was being constructed in a non-residential area.

    The rest is self-explanatory.

  2. 2 Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal

    I knew you’d get a kick out of it.

    I can’t agree more. We tend to elect people who do what is in their own best interests or make decisions based on their own “gut” feelings rather than the consulting of paid professionals…

    My question is, How do we put an end to this? Increasing pay and accountability is one way to get more qualified individuals to run for, but even then there is no guarantee…

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