Transit Miami Updates

The picture above, taken from the balcony of the Murano on Miami Beach, was forwarded to me by James,’s newest author. He’ll be covering the architectural and urban design aspects of the buildings rising in Miami.

TransitMiami is growing and looking for new ways to bring the latest content to you. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments, feel free to e-mail us at

Our sidebars have changed over the past few weeks, some dead sites were removed from the Miami/Transportation blog rolls and a whole bunch more were added…

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  1. 1 Random

    That is great to see you have someone working with you. Large Scale development and transit go hand in hand, without efficient transit to move all the people in these buildings we won’t have any movement and lots of angry people. So I’d like to see the path the blog takes now. Thank You again for so much useful info.

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