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Posts from ‘June, 2007’

Miami 21 Still on Ice

Miami 21’s first reading before the Commission yesterday turned out to be rather disappointing. After nearly nine hours of discussion, Commissioners chose to defer an official vote on the proposed new zoning code for another 90 days. This is largely due to the “confusion” still permeating citizens and Commissioners alike.
Now I understand a lot of [...]

Miami 21 Reminder

Don’t forget - the first reading of Miami 21 is today! Check it out live on channel 77.

Can Working Less Fight Global Warming?

Given the urgent action that must be taken to fight climate change, it is important to be searching for ways to cut our harmful emissions. One particularly simple, yet important area that has not received much attention thus far is work hours. Is it possible that we could curb our emissions significantly just by working [...]

Important Cycling Meeting Set for Thursday Night

Another important opportunity to improve cycling in Miami-Dade will occur tomorrow night.
The issue at hand will be the proposed extension of the “Black Creek Trail” 8.8 miles to reach the Krome Trail at the L-31 N levee. Not surprisingly, there’s a vocal and organized opposition to the extension, so it’s important that cycling proponents or [...]

Countdown to Miami 21 Hearing is Down to 24 Hours

It’s hard to believe, but Miami 21 (east quadrant) is finally scheduled to go before the City Commission tomorrow for its first reading. It’s been a long two years waiting, but I think the final product will be well worth the wait. While it isn’t perfect, it’s still a monumental improvement over the current code. [...]

Miami 21 Updates

A few days ago the most recent amendments to Miami 21 were published on the code’s website,
After looking it over, here are some noteworthy amendments:

The addition of an official definition of bike lanes and bicycle routes

The inclusion of cycling as a form of transportation to be promoted as a means of achieving sustainability

The requirement [...]

Quebec Makes a Bold Cycling Statement

The province of Quebec doesn’t mess around when it comes to cycling. A 250+ mile long route will be completed this August, making it the longest such route in North America. Known as “Route Verte” (Green Route), the trail has taken over 10 years to complete and will traverse 320 municipalities all across the province. [...]

Ice, Global Responsibility, Public Art

Miami Beach is stepping up its commitment to art in public spaces in a big way. The renderings for the marble sculpture “Drift”, by Spanish artist Inigo Manglano-Ovalle depict the forthcoming behemoth that will soon arrive on the shores of South Pointe Park. The 16 foot tall abstract representation of an iceberg [...]

Cancun Bound

I’ll be off for the week as I head over to Cancun for some good old Beach relaxation. Ryan and James will be around to keep discussing Museum Park, the Design District, and whatever else pops up this week…Meanwhile, I’ll be floating down a subterranean river at Xcaret:Via Coatlikuee

Oak Plaza. First out of the Gate!

This is just the beginning of smart urban planning for the design district, and a continuation on a theme for DACRA. Watch for a comprehensive examination of the plans in place for the design district, coming soon.

Environmental News

Herald: Suburban sprawl threatens Lake Okeechobee.

News Briefs

CBS does a little math for us: Corruption + 11 City Workers = Miami.
MDT is looking into using hovercraft for the 18 month pilot water taxi program. The two water taxi routes (Haulover-Miami and Matheson Hammock-Miami) would operate the $1.2 Million boats with a maximum capacity of 30-50 passengers. The hovercraft are being [...]

Design District’s "Oak Plaza" Offers Glimpse of What to Expect with Miami 21

Here at Transit Miami, we’re always preaching about how important it is to increase Miami’s density while simultaneously reinforcing how critical it is for this density to follow quality urban design principles. Unfortunately, I’ve spent more time bashing new developments for being auto-oriented, fueling NIMBY rhetoric that “all development is bad and greedy”, and ultimately [...]

Miami Mentality: Ignorance

The new tolls on the 836 will be opening up soon (July 1) along with the new MDX 3 mile west extension of the highway. You can read all about it here. But, once again, the comments section of this article is where we’ll find some of the finest examples of the Miami [...]

Dump The Pump!

The day is dedicated to raising awareness that public transportation helps improve the environment and conserve fuel. It also offers the opportunity for people to beat the high price of gasoline and support public transportation as an important travel option [...]