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Posts from ‘July, 2007’

One Bayfront Plaza Rising

One Bayfront Plaza is poised to become Miami’s first super tall (1000′) and truly iconic skyscraper. With the recent approval by the City Commission, the 2 million square foot office development is ready to proceed through the initial stage of pre-construction. The $1.8 Billion project will feature 2 million square feet of leasable [...]

PBS Investigates Miami-Dade’s Housing Agency Corruption

PBS has been investigating the endemic corruption and incompetence that has plagued the Miami-Dade Housing Agency. Now you can watch the new online video, “Money for Nothing”, a three-part series reporting the recent history and actions of the Agency, detailing how everything went wrong. I highly recommend watching these videos.
The funny (and sad) thing [...]

US Eagle visits Miami

I took some time today to pay a visit to one of the two unique ships sitting in Miami’s harbor this weekend, the U.S. Eagle (watch the video), the United States’ only active duty tall ship (the other ship, HSV 2 Swift, was not allowing tours.) The U.S. Eagle, moored in the cut of [...]

1989 Metrorail Discussions

18 years later, tell me what’s the difference…
“I’d Use it if it went in the direction I was going”
“The system is only Half of what they originally promised…”

“I’m just amazed at how virtually nothing has changed in the 18 years that this clip was filmed. It’s as relevant now as it was back then.” [...]

"I Love Paris on a Bus, a Bike, a Train and in Anything but a Car"

Serge Schmemann has written an excellent editorial in the New York Times, where the spotlight is on Paris again as an emerging global leader in livability and sustainability. It goes hand-in-hand with the cycling post from yesterday. Miami (and the U.S.) could learn a lot.
Click here to read it.
Photo courtesy of paytonc’s flickr

An Economy Fueled By Sprawl

Image Via myuzishun’s Flickr…
The alarms should have rung long ago, not today when the stock market plunged 300 points on the news of dismal results coming from the nation’s top sprawl produces. It’s pretty disappointing to see that so much of the US economy is based on the growth of these development groups which [...]

Paris Sets a Global Precedent for Urban Transportation Policy

Paris has finally unveiled its highly anticipated bicycle sharing program, sending a global message that it’s serious about reducing emissions and embracing sustainable urban transportation. Over 10,000 bikes are now available for rent at over 750 stations, with plans to double the fleet to 20,000 by years end.
Dubbed “Velib” (a play on words - Velo [...]

Opa-Locka Airport Development

New development should be coming to the extremely under-utilized Opa Locka Airport facility in the near future. Frankly, we would have liked to see Opa Locka resume some minimal commercial airline service (which was killed back in 2006) when talks surfaced to turn Opa Locka into the low-budget airline airport of Miami (similar to [...]

Miami’s Bursting Condo Bubble Should Equate to a Net Improvement for the City and its People

Michael Lewis, from Miami Today News, has written a nice essay on Miami’s condo boom, including what it, and the inevitable bubble burst, means for the future of the city.
Check it out, here.

Miami Parks Update

We recently received some fan mail from loyal TM reader Chandler, asking (hoping, too) that the development occurring just north of the 836 on 27th Avenue and north of the 836 along 37th Avenue would be some sort of transit project or park-n-ride facility. He was kind enough to shoot a few pictures for [...]

Port Funding Approved

Miami-Dade County Approved the funding for the Port of Miami Tunnel…
The 9-3 vote of approval wasn’t without some misdirected and unwarranted criticism due to French construction giant Bouygues Travaux Publics’ ties to Cuba. Of course, some of our elected officials had their priorities out of order, instead voting for what was best for Cuba [...]


As the new elements of Miami transit fall into place, driven in part by the forces of those committed to it, I am happy to see aesthetics playing a major role. The recent postings of the new cars for MetroMover and the this hybrid bus, represent for me, yet another important piece in the [...]

Coming Soon: MDT Hybrid Buses

MDT will be purchasing 39 large Hybrid Buses (similar to the one pictured above) next year to come into service in 2009. There are also initial plans to buy 180 smaller Hybrid buses which would come into service by 2012.
Click here to watch the video…
Click here to learn more about NABI…
Thanks to the Reader [...]


It has been announced, to the excitement of many, that the new design for Miami Art Museum will be announced during ART BASEL 07. This couldn’t be more appropriate considering that the architects hometown is in fact Basel Switzerland.
I thought it would be a good time to consider just what we might be in [...]

Little Haiti Park Update

Good news for Little Haiti residents - it looks like the long wait for a promised new park is approaching an end. After more than nine years of promises, the new Little Haiti Park is set to open this October.
Amongst badly needed public green space, the park will feature a soccer field, a practice field, [...]