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Little Haiti Park Update

Good news for Little Haiti residents - it looks like the long wait for a promised new park is approaching an end. After more than nine years of promises, the new Little Haiti Park is set to open this October.
Amongst badly needed public green space, the park will feature a soccer field, a practice field, covered seating for 750, and a nearby cultural center, according to the Herald. The park will be located on 45 acres from 59th Terrace to 64th Street along NE 2nd Ave.

Some 200 parking spaces are planned for this small park, which I’m sure will screw up the urban design surrounding it. Sounds like another suburban solution to me - too bad we our transit in this corridor is still so poor and limited right now.

Though I do believe this park will be of benefit to the Little Haiti community, I also am afraid it will fail if it certain tried and true urban park design elements are missing.

There will be a public meeting on Monday, July 30th to exchange information and ideas regarding the park. It will be from 6-8 PM at the Notre Dame d’Haiti Catholic Church, located at 110 NE 62nd Street.

Photo courtesy of the City of Miami

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  1. No "eyes on the street" allowed says:

    These two new park components are in Lemon City and Little River. On 12 acres. 100 workers and 275 residents were evicted to create the park.

    Due to no-bid contracts ordered by former City Manager Joe Arriola and change orders approved by Commissioners the budget has ballooned from $25 Mil to $43+ Mil.

    Unfortunately there are too many crack addicts in this area. Haitian rag shops hire the crack addicts as cheap $3 per hour workers. Commissioner Spence-Jones refused to allow new residents and “eyes on the street” that might have provided security. Careful not to stab yourself with a dirty needle as you sit on the grass. Imagine the headline in the Herald if some child trips while playing soccer and ends up with a needle stuck in his shin?

  2. Ban Haitian used clothing exporters says:

    Those Haitian used clothing companies are disgusting. I heard they hire crack addict workers. They should be banned.

    Why does Spence-Jones keep them in business? They will ruin the City’s investment in the new park.

  3. Used crack needle stabs soccer player says:

    What a visual… A poor soccer player tripping and stabbing himself with a used crack needle…

  4. Ryan says:

    Or, what about the visual of happy children playing in new green space?

    Little River? That’s a stretch. I hope you aren’t one of those people that refuses to refer to the area as “Little Haiti”.

    And where are you getting those figures claiming the park is only 12 acres and 100 workers/275 residents were evicted to make way for the park?

  5. Little River and Lemon City says:

    The Afro-Americans who have been in the area for 50-90 years call their neighborhood Lemon City. Try arguing with them. But make sure your life insurance is paid up. They do not take kindly to having their neighborhood called by the wrong name.

    There is a well known business district in the area called Little River Business District. Try arguing with one of the business people there. Some have been there 50-70 years. One family has been there over 100 years.

    Did you know the Haitians have been leaving Miami at the rate of 1% - 3% per year for the past 10 years? They moved to N. Miami, Georgia, Broward County… Easy to prove.

  6. ex-Railroad Flats says:

    That area is Lemon City. Get with the program.

  7. Ryan says:

    “Afro”-Americans…hmmm. Emigration? Well, now that isn’t the evidence I was asking for is it? Where do you get 12 acres? That number is from way back in 2003, and has since changed.

    Lemon City? Get with the program? Is this the narrow and simple-minded program? Xenophobics have been trying to fight the “Little Haiti” title for years, but it’s silly because the two names are largely interchangeable.

    With that said, make no mistake about it - the location of this park is definitely in the heart of Miami’s Haitian community…in LITTLE HAITI. You could call it Lemon City, but Little Haiti is as official in title, if not more, and more specifically represents this area.

  8. Lemon City lives on says:

    If you review the Miami-Dade census data and if you would drive around N. Miami you will see that N. Miami and sections of Broward County are the centers of the Haitian “community”.

    Do not take my word for it go visit or call the Principals of the local elementary schools. They will tell you Haitians are leaving the slum of the NE 50’s as quickly as they can save enough for an apartment in N. Miami or elsewhere… Recent arrivals are from Central America. Many crack addicts remain.

    Lemon City is the name on many plats and Lemon City is the original name before Miami. People come and go. The Lemon City name is staying.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The families who have lived in Lemon City for 50 to 80 years call the area Lemon City.

  10. Long live Lemon City says:

    Google has Lemon City identified as being west of Biscayne Blvd. Look it up.

    Historical Society of South Florida identifies Lemon City as existing prior to Miami.

  11. Nao says:

    i can wait for th park to open so can go run every afternoon and play soccer with my little nephew.

  12. Haitian for life says:

    To all the arrogant and ignorant ones that made irrelevant comments about the the Lemon city and little river area, for your info it is still known as lemon city and little river on the map. Haitians over the years have moved into those neighborhoods and build businesses and raise families just like your love ones. If you really look at the picture in the right angle, the name “Little Haiti” came from among you all over the years. We never argue about naming our area. Haitian’s goal was to come over and raise their families giving them a better future. So don’t get all arrogant now because we are recognized as individuals. We truly appreciate the fact that our community has a park that we can take our children to. Besides the area that the city build the park on was consist of nothing but junkies , crack heads, and prostitutes so it was a good purpose. NOW YOU GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!!!!

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