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Posts from ‘August, 2007’

MDT Transit Pass Conundrum

Transit Miami reader/contributor Dave sent me an excellent price comparison he composed on the cost of transit:

Listed are the comparable monthly passes (basic all purpose pass for busses, trains and transfers) and what the single cash fare would be for one trip. The number of trips listed is how many trips you would have to [...]

News From around the Globe

Via klm_md11’s Flickr…
The Vatican has launched an airline of sorts offering passengers (on a chartered aircraft similar to the one above) seats to key pilgrimage sites. Initial plans call for flights to Spain, Poland, and the Middle East, however talks are in the works to fly to Mexico.

Curious about congestion pricing? Check out [...]

Bike-Sharing: Revealed

We’ve spent considerable time talking about the merits of bike-sharing programs, offering particularly high praise for Paris’s Velib. However, it may seem like a fantasy as most of these programs are only available overseas. Fortunately, here is a great video that shows bike-sharing in Paris is very real. It explains how it works, from security [...]

<— Sidebar Woes

Not Exactly sure what caused the Speaking Out! sidebar widget to lock up on us, but, I’ll be spending some time today pretending that I know how to edit the CSS to fix it… Till then, stay tuned, there’s a bunch of news out there for us to cover including Kirk Nielsen’s comparison between [...]

Let’s go for a Ride on the Mumbai Subway - Commuting in Mumbai

Continuing Flawed Miami Mentality on urban living and the needs of downtown:

“But if Downtown Miami develops into a thriving retail hub as local leaders and stakeholders plan, the parking authority, as well as private operators, she said, are “going to have to step up to the plate to create [...]

Beijing Aims to One-Up Paris

When Paris unveiled its massive bike-sharing program earlier this month, it was the largest in the world, proving to be the envy of other global cities.
Not for long.
Beijing recently announced its plan to have 50,000 bikes available for share by 2008, when they will be hosting the Summer Olympics. The bike-sharing program is expected to [...]

Renderings of the new Kobi Karp designed towers soon rising at the Miami Airport Marriott Complex:

MIA South Terminal

Miami International Airport’s new South Terminal (H & J) is slated to begin opening for travelers tomorrow, beginning what will become a two month transition process for 19 of the airport’s airlines. This terminal is state of the art, a masterfully designed showpiece in an otherwise outdated airport. If there is ever [...]

Marlins at OB, Another Bad Idea

There is a great read today up on the MiamiHerald by Larry Lebowitz titled: Why OB is a Lousy Site for Marlins. Take a second a check it out, he voices many of the same positions we’ve been pushing here on Transit Miami… An excerpt:

Tri-Rail isn’t much of an option. It’s a pain to [...]

Via Mariuspopvici’s Flickr…

Lessons From Portland

Whenever you are involved in planning, one of the best tools you can use is benchmarking. By benchmarking, I mean examining how other planners and cities have implemented successful policies that align with your own local goals (hopefully a sustainable city). After studying enough places, it makes it possible to conclude what the “best practice” [...]

A Letter from Donna Shalala

August 21, 2007
To the University Community:
We have an extraordinary history and tradition at the Orange Bowl: The players running through the smoke tunnel. “Touchdown Tommy” and his cannon. The Ring of Honor. An incredible winning streak of 58 consecutive home wins. And three of our five national championships were won on that field. I love [...]

Loss of the Hurricanes - Not Just Disengaging a City, but a Community

While Gabe did a great job lamenting the loss of the Hurricanes from Miami, I felt compelled to add a few things, being dually a Canes fan and a fan of the City.
Let me start by saying, while I suppose it’s justifiable from the perspective of Shalala and the University, as they will be making [...]

Forecast: Hurricanes Downgraded to Tropical Waves

It’s a sad day for Miami; a loss for our sports history, the loss of a national icon, it’s the end of an era. The University of Miami has committed a grave miscalculation today. Giving up the Orange Bowl for the sake of what will ultimately become a pittance in increased revenue [...]