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Posts from ‘September, 2007’

Transitography 23

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The 20:29 to Aix-en-Provence, originally uploaded by milliped.

Transitography 22

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Trapped, originally uploaded by SF buckaroo.

Mary Brickell Village; Under Construction til the Next Boom

I went to Rosa Mexicano the other day at Mary Brickell Village for dinner and was extremely disappointed to witness the state of the complex (very satisfied by the food, however.) This place is a disaster! The pictures below really don’t do it justice. I was more than appalled to see what [...]

Misguided Transportation Policy is Still Popular in South Florida

Apparently Turnpike planners have missed the boat on established best practice metropolitan transportation policy. According to the Herald, they will be discussing their preliminary ideas to decongest the Turnpike, including a plan to expand the expressway to 10 lanes between 836 and 874, and possibly all the way to Homestead. I guess they want to [...]

Miami 21 Update

Originally, Miami 21 was scheduled to go before the Commission tomorrow, September 27th, for its final hearing. However, due to a scheduling conflict on the Planning and Zoning agenda, this will no longer be the case. From the website:

The City of Miami City Manager is working on establishing a date in October, possibly [...]

Transitography 21


Pawning our roads for cash

Pawning our roads out to the highest bidder, increased gambling statewide, and cuts to police and fire services are just some of the adverse effects of our legislative efforts to reduce the state of Florida’s expenses. Is this really the price we’d like to pay in exchange for some barely noticeable tax decreases? [...]

Transitography 20

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Almost ready in Palm Beach, originally uploaded by The Trust for Public Land.
National Park(ing) Day 2007, West Palm Beach…

Metro Monday: San Francisco 1905-1906

In 1905, an unknown cameraman filmed a streetcar trip along San Francisco’s Market Street. The following year, the Great Earthquake struck, and he filmed the trip again. This is a five-minute silent film that edits together excerpts of his two films.

Transitography 20

Can anyone name the artist and title of this classic modernist sculpture in Chicago? The title certainly lends to the possibility that it would be ideal in Miami. The middle of the 20th century saw great and numerous public art erected, a repeat performance that could be pivotal in the transformation of DWNTWN [...]

Transitography 19

The winds of change are blowing. Here is yet another interesting proposal to harness the energy expended by the burning of fossil fuels. Wind turbines incorporated into highway dividers will reclaim the energy of cars racing by, which will then be used to power public rail transportation.

While it remains to be seen where [...]

Friday News

Apparently, some people are willing to kill in so they can drive.

Miami’s highly touted Community Partnership for the Homeless program is going national.

Vermont ruling on automobile emissions standards is a small victory in fight against climate change.

Recruiting all Automotive Engineering and Transportation System professionals

Miami’s premier local recruiting blog, Recruit Miami has a job posting up for all of those familiar with the transit engineering recruiting fields.
Click here for the job posting…

Transitography 18

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Seattle metro tunnel, originally uploaded by Adam Holloway.

The newly renovated Seattle Transit tunnel will reopen to the public next Monday. After a $94 Million renovation and retrofitting, [...]

Announcement: National Park(ing) Day 2007

Tomorrow is an exciting day for sustainable city advocates, or for that matter anyone who cares about parks and public space. Tomorow is National Park(ing) Day 2007, where cities across the U.S. will be taking back parking spaces and converting them to park space. An organization known as the Trust for Public Land (TPL) is [...]