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Posts from ‘October, 2007’

Miami: The Sedentary City

Congratulations, Miami, you’ve just been honored by another dubious countdown. Forbes magazine recently came out with a list of the Top 20 Sedentary Cities in America, and Miami sits right at number 10. According to Forbes, was collected on body mass index (BMI), physical inactivity, and tv watching habits for America’s 50 largest metropolitan areas. [...]

Transitography 37: The Dubai Metro

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The all new Dubai Metro Project, originally uploaded by !efatima.
Coming soon: the Dubai Metro…

Red-Light Camera Poll

Plans are underway across Miami-Dade and Broward Counties to bring automated Red-Light runner camera’s to some local roadways. Due to a state refusal to adopt the cameras, you won’t find them on state maintained roads such as Le Jeune, US-1, or Pines Boulevard.
“A growing body of unbiased research shows that red-light-running accidents and [...]

Metro Monday: Falkirk Wheel In Motion

The Falkirk Wheel, near Falkirk Scotland, joins the Forth and Clyde Canals with the Union Canal, by raising/lowering boats and amazing 24 meters. The Falkirk wheel opened in May 2002 and serves as the vital link in reestablishing an east-west British waterway…

People Mover Systems: The Jacksonville Skyway

I had the opportunity this past weekend to finally ride one the nation’s three downtown fully automated people mover systems in Jacksonville. The Jacksonville skyway, is the most recently completed of the three automated systems (the others being in Miami and Detroit) opening up fully to the public in November of 2000. Like [...]

More Marlins Stadium Drama

The Marlins’ stadium saga just continues to get weirder and weirder. According to the Herald, it appears that despite the availability of $50 million that would’ve otherwise gone toward refurbishing the Orange Bowl, it is likely a large funding gap will remain for stadium construction.
Apparently, Marlin’s owner Jeffrey Loria still isn’t isn’t pleased with the [...]

Ocean Drive Accolades

Congratulations, Miami Beach. The American Planning Association (APA) recently recognized Ocean Drive on South Beach as one of America’s Top 10 Great Streets of 2007. This is quite an honor, as Ocean Drive is in the company of other nationally famous streets such as Chicago’s North Michigan Avenue, Richmond’s Monument Avenue, and 125th Street in [...]

Transitography 36

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Rising Sun in the setting sun, originally uploaded by Daisuke Ido.
In honor of the Ft. Lauderdale Boat show opening today, we present Larry Ellison’s Rising Sun, a 453 foot behemoth private Yacht. [...]

Using Real Estate Trends to Visualize Sprawl

I came across an interesting website (Trulia Hindsight) which provides us with an animated map of homes in the United States. The animations use the year the properties were built to show the growth of streets, neighborhoods and cities over time. The data comes from the real estate website Trulia. Of the [...]

Hollywood Revival

The Hollywood- Young Circle Arts Park has been impressively executed. The centrally located new park is a strong indicator of Hollywood’s very serious commitment to creating a livable exciting environment for its residents.
Many of the right notes were hit in this redesign of a delinquent public space. Water features as well as [...]

Google Transit…
Miami is missing, but then again so is NYC, Boston, Chicago, etc…

Transitography 35

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Concept Chevy Volt, originally uploaded by EOS Miami.
The Chevy Volt concept Electric Car is finishing up its Miami tour today from 10am to 9pm: Dolphin Mall (Doral, 11401 NW 12th Street, in [...]

News Briefs


The Houston MTA has voted to use LRT on all of its upcoming 5 rapid transit routes.
How do you resolve a budget deficit of $29 Million? You spend $102 Million to build a streetcar of course! This method is being pitched by Cincinnati’s City Manager, who argues that the added benefit the streetcar [...]

Metro Monday: Singapore Airlines A380 Interior

In the Spirit of Singapore Airlines receiving the very first Airbus A-380, here is an exclusive look inside the monstrous aircraft. So far, the only two airlines which have expressed interest in flying the A-380 to Miami are Lufthansa and Air France…

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