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Posts from ‘November, 2007’

Initial Thoughts On New MAM Design

A collective sigh of relief can be heard as the unveiling of this intriguing new building for the home of the Miami Art Museum is commenced. Recent memory cannot recall a time when so much anticipation over a new civic structure has captured the imagination and concern of so many. I for [...]

Tufts Report: Miami could be Hottest Major City on Earth by 2100

A recent report conducted by Tufts University paints a very grim picture of Florida’s future if we don’t take swift action to fight climate change. According to the report, South Florida will be particularly vulnerable to warming effects.
Throughout the report, the researchers discuss two scenarios; the first, known as “rapid stabilization”, is the most optimistic [...]

Breaking News: MAM Renderings

Via the Miami Herald:

”It’s an original Miami building,” said museum director Terence Riley. “It’s not New York; it’s not London. Right away, it has an iconic quality. But what I’m really excited about is that it appears it’s going to be a fantastic museum.”
The design also was inspired by what Riley referred to as a [...]

The Sprawl Gameplan: You Idle West, I’ll Ride the Rails East

Alrighty folks, I think I’ve started to crack the Miami-Dade County Commission’s playbook for planning and it’s not pretty; looks like the Dolphin’s offense, running in 20 different directions and effectively getting us nowhere. The best choreographed transportation network couldn’t support the kind of cross county movement commuters will likely be doing once 600,000 [...]

Miami Still Clueless About Parking

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, we’ve said it about a hundred times: parking is cancerous to urban areas. The more of it you have and the cheaper it is, the more lethal it becomes to what could be a healthy, well-designed urban area as it induces driving demand and destroys urban [...]

Transitography 41: Freiburg Straßenbahn

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Stadtbahn im Schnee, originally uploaded by Fußgänger.
The Freiburg Straßenbahn line 4 running in an early October snowfall in southern Germany.
Freiburg, a town of just over 200,000 boasts 4 tram lines and [...]

New Mover Cars

A Glimpse of the new Metromover cars soon to hit the downtown rails:

Sprawl Vote Today

Uh Oh, apparently there is a UDB vote today…

”If we’re starting to get serious about water, climate and environmental issues, the most important thing we can do is prevent urban sprawl,” [Katy Sorenson] said.
The debate will surely pit opponents to further development in Florida’s most populous county against business interests that say the projects are [...]

Green Alleys coming soon to Chicago…

In a green alley, water is allowed to penetrate the soil through the pavement itself, which consists of the relatively new but little-used technology of permeable concrete or porous asphalt. Then the water, filtered through stone beds under the permeable surface layer, recharges the underground water table instead of ending [...]

Pic o’ the Day

Where in the world is this fine place?

Speaking of oil consumption in the US… Brad of Streetsblog recently composed a great satirical analysis of one of the latest misdirected products coming out of Detroit; the Ford Escape Hybrid. Well worth the read…

Transitography 40: US Oil Consumption

Today’s Transitography comes to us from It’s Knuttz and really puts US oil consumption into perspective. Keep in mind, these figures are nearly 5 years old…

Holiday Travel

Like many on their Thanksgiving holiday, I had the arduous task of traveling in order to meet up with the family. Only this time I decided to travel to Tampa, Fl by train rather than car. The Amtrak experience was more interesting than what I thought. For starters the Miami station was a bit of [...]

Metro Monday: Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof

The last time I was in Berlin the new Hauptbahnhof was still under construction and a year or so away from the May 2006 grand opening. The Berlin Hauptbahnhof now handles over 1,800 trains and 350,000 passengers per day. This digital representation provides a good example of what Europe’s largest train station is [...]

Happy Thanksgiving

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