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Posts from ‘December, 2007’

Merry Christmas

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Coral Gables Christmas Tree, originally uploaded by Griffindel (Heidi).
TM will be off the next couple of days…May all of our readers have a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year…

Transitography 46: CTA Holiday Train

Metro Monday: Vienna’s Streetcars

Don’t Let It Happen Again

The trolley above once ran down the streets of Miami, from 1925 to 1931. Anyone recognize which street? Automakers killed streetcars like this by buying up the transit companies and shutting them down. That was before my time, but it seems sensible to say that the streetcar died because of the automobile. The last thing [...]

Paley Park in Miami?

Great news, Miami — we’re getting an old gem of a park back in the heart of downtown! That’s right, the former Paul Walker Park, which was hairbrainishly allowed to be taken over by a restaurant back in the 90’s, will be completely transformed into a 4,200 square ft. pocket park at 46 W. [...]

Pic o’ the Day: Urban Pedestrian Corridor

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We’re running a couple days off, but let’s see if anyone can identify this urban pedestrian street. I’ll reveal the answer tomorrow or provide a hint later tonight…

Thursday Quote

“A hundred years after we are gone and forgotten, those who never heard of us will be living with the results of our actions.”

The Dying Miami Blogsphere, Part 1

Staring at defeat and adversity, MVB has chosen to call it quits. Once resolutions passed essentially creating a new Marlins’ ballpark at the OB, creating the port tunnel, and initializing funding for the Miami streetcar, we guess the administrators of MVB saw no valid reason to keep the site going. Vert’s wacky humor [...]

Crazy New UM Study

The Coral Gables Gazette recently published a troubling article on a trolley study conducted by the University of Miami’s Industrial Engineering department. Troubling not because of the results of the study but because of how ridiculously logical the conclusions were. The simplicity can be summed up best by the CGG’s article title: New [...]

A Giant Leap in the Right Direction

I attended today’s county commission meeting to voice my support for many of the projects, particularly the port of Miami Tunnel and the Streetcar. I sat through all 10 hours of testimony and discussion, at times observing our commissioners running around in circles. Hours of discourse could have likely been saved had all [...]

Transitography 45: Next Stop, Fantasyland

"Make Miami a bicycle friendly city"

That’s the message of DPZ planner Mike Lydon, who recently had this nice letter printed in the Miami Herald. Here’s a reprint:

An increasing number of cities, large and small, welcome bicycling as an energy efficient, healthy and economically sustainable means of alternative transportation. Chicago, for example, is currently implementing its Bike [...]

Metro Monday: Human Propelled Vehicle

Artist Michel de Broin, presented a shared propulsion vehicle as part of his exhibition at the Mercer Union Gallery in Toronto. An ‘86 Buick was stripped of it engine, transmission, and interior among other parts and outfitted with 4 pedal and gear mechanisms. The result is a vehicle capable of approximately 10 mph [...]

Miami Streetcar vs. Monorail: A Brief Comparison

As our friend Verticus from MVB discussed in our recent post on the Miami streetcar, a monorail system would prove to be a slightly more efficient transit system than a streetcar- if you were comparing the modes strictly on that level. Looking at it strictly as a Transportation engineer, as Verticus has suggested, I [...]

Seattle and Miami Streetcar

The Miami streetcar seems to be generating plenty of controversy. Before we convince ourselves that it’s good or bad, perhaps we need to look at another streetcar. Seattle’s streetcar, nicknamed “S.L.U.T.” for the South Lake Union Trolley, made its debut Wednesday to large crowds of riders. It also generated its share of controversy (even to the [...]