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Posts from ‘January, 2008’

Fort Coconut Grove

If you’ve ever traveled through the Grove (emphasis on Center Grove for this piece), you’ve probably noticed the ubiquitous gates and walls that fortress off most homes and buildings in the neighborhood. Perhaps many of these residents believe that gates and walls provide a feeling of safety and sense of security to protect them from [...]

New Name for Overtown Station

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Vacancies, originally uploaded by ImageMD.
The urban metrorail station in Miami’s Overtown district has been renamed the Historic Overtown/Lyric Theatre station. The recent sale of the Miami arena and the revival of [...]

Auckland, City of Cars: Part 3

The conclusion to the three part story on Auckland, New Zealand’s car addiction. This part concentrates on the sustainable and economic benefits of upgrading to alternative transit. They accurately rip apart the notion of cars, highways, and the expanded option of “personal independence” contributing an “economic benefit” to society…

Pic o’ the Day

With the pastel colors, these houses look like they belong in Miami…but where are they really?

Auckland, City of Cars, Pt.2

This is part II of a three-part series on Auckland, New Zeland’s struggle toward a more sustainable transport system. There are a lot of parallels with Miami, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.
In case you missed part I (or if you loved it so much you want to see it again), click here.

What Empty Condos?

Apparently blogging your opinion on a local condo development could get you fired, sued, or both! Lucas Lechuga, of Miami Condo Investments, was the lucky recipient of a $25 million defamation lawsuit from Miami developer Tibor Hollo for writing:

”My opinion is that this development is doomed…”


“This developer went bankrupt in the 1980’s and [...]

Auckland, City of Cars: Episode 1

Notice the parallels between Auckland and Miami.

Monday News

Free Miami Beach WiFi to Launch by Spring…sort of (Miami Sunpost)

Miami DDA Director Nottingham Under Fire (Miami Today News)

Miami Beach Planning Commission Makes Big Changes (Miami Sunpost)

Tv Interviewers Not Pressing Candidates on Climate Change (

St. Pete Experimenting with Painted Bike Lanes (CBS10 Tampa Bay)

Bush Administration Sticks it to Transit (National Corridors Initiative)

Downtown Parks Anchor Great [...]

UCLA Study: People Don’t Use Their Backyards

Ah the backyard – one of the most enduring symbols of suburban, middle class American life during the last 60 years. Television shows, movies, and even commercials constantly reinforce this vision as if anybody who is anybody should strive to someday have a backyard to call their own. But for people who do have backyards, [...]

Thursday Quote: Density

“Higher density housing offers an inferior lifestyle only when it is without a community as its setting.”
- Andres Duany

Transitography 49: Chicago’s State Street c. 1941

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State Street, originally uploaded by NicelySighted.

Election 2008: Who is the Smart Growth Candidate?

With election season now in full swing, the time has come to decide which candidate we think will best lead us for the next four years. Here on Transit Miami, we’ll be taking a close look at the presidential hopefuls to determine which candidate is the strongest on smart growth and livable cities issues.
Without further [...]

Gehry Designed NWS Concert Hall Begins Construction Today

At approximately 8:35 tonight ground will officially break initiating the construction of the New World Symphony’s new concert hall on Miami Beach designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry.
The 107,000-square-foot ”campus” is Gehry’s first Florida building. And though its simple, rectilinear design doesn’t offer the daring of the titanium-roofed Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, or the [...]

A subprime wake-up call to curb spraw

We received this editorial recently from Alan Farago and after receiving his expressed written consent decided to republish it here for you to read. The original article appeared in the Orlando Sentinel on January 14, 2008…

If there is a silver lining in the sharp contraction of housing markets across the nation, it is [...]

Pic o’ the Day

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Can anyone guess this popular city center?