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Posts from ‘February, 2008’

Unity is definitely unique…

Robert Samuels, along with other staff writers of the Miami Herald has been writing this week about Unity Boulevard, perhaps better known as 27th Avenue. This thoroughfare traverses four of the most culturally and economically diverse areas of South Florida.
While the article delves into detail on the neighborhoods of Miami Gardens, Opa-Locka, Liberty City, [...]

Miami News & Commentary

The State growth management planners have officially drafted a report recommending Miami-Dade County commissioners to reject the most recent bids to move the Urban Development Boundary further west. The issue will now head back to county commissioners who will vote again based on the state’s recommendations.

We really did not see this going any [...]

Thursday Quote: Life on Havana’s Streets; a model for American Cities

Today’s quote comes from a phenomenal short video put together by our friends over at Street Films and the Project for Public Spaces on the vibrancy and quality of life of the streets of Havana. Although we agree Havana is not the ideal city to emulate, we could learn a lot from the beautiful [...]

The Future of Miami Beach, Part 2

Recall the post where I had the opportunity to interview Miami Beach chief of Staff AC Weinstein? Good, because here are some thoughts I drew up on the conversation, many of which I commented directly to AC throughout our first of many discussions on the future of Miami Beach…
Now, the first question on development, [...]

Downtown Power Failure Mayhem

All part of today’s massive power failure…Image Via Miami Herald…

Pic o’ The Day: Bus Stop

A city revolutionized the way people use the local bus network by creating pods where riders pay to access the pod rather than when boarding the bus. This process streamlined the whole boarding process and made the busways far more efficient and reliable. Can anyone name this city?

MDT Meetings Postponed

From MDT:
(Miami-Dade County, FL) — The Feb. 26 and Feb. 28 public meetings on the status of the Miami Intermodal Center (MIC)/Earlington Heights (EHT) Connector Metrorail extension project have been postponed until further notice. The meetings will be rescheduled at a future date.

News Brief

As some of you may have noticed, two of Transit Miami’s writers, Andrew Davis and James Wilkins, have departed due to personal time constraints. Meanwhile we welcome the addition of our latest writer, Rob Jordan, who will be working his way into the website over the next few weeks. Transit Miami is looking [...]

Metro Monday: Hamburg’s Elbe Tunnel

In 1911, an innovative tunnel opened in Hamburg, Germany beneath the Elbe River which featured very unconventional (and impractical) car elevators to access the passageway. The tunnel is still fully operating today, but mostly serves as a pedestrian passageway and tourist attraction. Check it out:

Enrique Penalosa Shares His Wisdom

Former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia, Enrique Penalosa, is internationally renowned for his progressive transit and bike-oriented urban planning policies that have helped transform the Colombia capital from a congested car-centric nightmare to a much more livable city in less than decade. Earlier this week, Penalosa came to New York to speak in support of Mayor [...]

Thursday Quote: City Planning

“We can have a city that is very friendly to cars, or is very friendly to people. We cannot have both.”
-Enrique Penalosa

Miami 21 to be Unveiled for Whole City

After more than two years of work, it seemed that Miami 21 was finally set to arrive late last year. However, some officials and many residents were upset and confused by the way Miami 21 was to be implemented, one quadrant at a time instead of the entire city at once. According to the Miami [...]

When FDOT Transportation Funding = More Sprawl

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Tri-Rail Commuter Train, originally uploaded by jmdspk.

Due to the volume of e-mails, I know when we are running behind on a given topic (sorry!) but hey, you can always count on us to cover [...]

The Future of Miami Beach, Part 1

I had the opportunity recently to sit down an speak with Miami Beach Chief of Staff AC Weinstein, who on Mayor Bowers’ behalf, was kind enough to answer some critical questions for us on the future of Miami Beach. I’ll post the questions/Answers below and follow up with some commentary tomorrow:
TM: The greater Miami [...]

SFECC Mettings

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