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Posts from ‘March, 2008’

Commission’s View of Parking is Misguided

This is a joint letter Ryan and I submitted to the Miami Herald’s Op Ed section and to the city of Miami Commission regarding last Thursday’s vote on the Empire World Towers proposal:

Commission’s View of Parking is MisguidedBy: Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal & Ryan

As transportation [...]

Metro Monday: Stupidest Bike Lane?

Seems like a winner to me, but our very own Coral Gables/South Miami mini lane might be the local competitor at around 700 ft…

Transit Humor: Hits

Via It’s Knuttz…

Traffic jams a thing of the past?

In their March 13th edition, the Economist magazine published this article in which it was written that a company in Washington state, spun off from Microsoft, will be compiling and analyzing real-time satellite transponder and cell phone data from delivery vehicles. The company, INRIX, then will provide this real-time traffic analysis to companies like [...]

Metrorail News

Photo by Flickr User ImageMD.

If you haven’t heard the news, head over to the Miami Herald and read about the Citizen’s Independent Transportation Trust (CITT) vote to reject the planned use of sales tax money to purchase new Metrorail cars. At least they are protecting the tax money that’s supposed to go towards new service.
Meanwhile, [...]

Earth Hour Miami - This Saturday

Miami 21: Is it really that hard to understand?

I know we have already mentioned this topic this week, but considering the Herald continues its negative spin campaign against the zoning rewrite I thought a healthy counterpoint was in order. Herald columnist Ana Mendez writes in her column today that she thinks that the code is a little too complicated for a layperson to [...]

TOD Coming to Deerfield Beach

You heard me right — Tri-Rail’s Deerfield Beach Station is poised to have transit-oriented development by 2010.
According to real estate website, Atlanta-based developer York Residential has received final approval to begin construction on the the Deerfield TOD. The project is expected to cost $180 million, with construction beginning in early 2009. Let’s hope that [...]

Pic o’ the Day: Central Train Station

Believe it or not, buried deep in the center of this picture (literally) is this city’s central train station. Name the City and Station…

Metro Tuesday: Acela

Running a day behind, today’s metro (Monday) attempts to illustrate just how fast our “High Speed” Rail system is. Imaging one of these suckers crossing the state to Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Tallahassee. Certainly makes more sense than funding more road projects…

Last year, Amtrak’s high-speed Acela Express train carried a record 593,000 passengers from [...]

Miami 21: On Hold Again

Miami 21 is in the Herald today with news that is not very uplifting. Commissioner Regalado, a longtime critic of the plan, has decided that the residents of his district do not yet fully understand the code and that he will not let the plan move forward until they do. Judging from turnout at meetings [...]

Transit Humor: The Dog Sack

While many of you nominated The Onion’s recent article regarding DOT’s new “reckless driver” lanes, we felt that highlighting this article so late in the week would be redundant, especially considering Streetsblog’s and Planetizen’s coverages. Instead this week, we bring you the Dog Sack:Via It’s Knuttz…
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Churches Cater To Cars

Imagine a drive-thru church? It’s not far from reality. Last Christmas, I heard of a church that was having a drive-thru nativity scene. The ostensible reason was that people didn’t have to get out of their cars in cold weather. Some churches, however, like this one in Orlando, do it when they don’t have cold [...]

Welcome to the Blogsphere

Mayor Diaz is the latest Blogger to join the Miami Blog Scene. We’ll be adding his site to the sidebar and following it regularly. Welcome Mayor Diaz!

Alligator Alley Stupidity

Anyone else left scratching their heads in disbelief over this:

“Desperate to generate more money for road projects across the state, Florida transportation authorities are moving ahead with a plan to lease Alligator Alley to a company that would have the power to set the tolls it charges.”