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Posts from ‘April, 2008’

Postscript on UDB Vote

It’s not often that our local politics gets featured in National news media (unless of course it has something to do with Cuba or an international custody battle), but Time Magazine featured an article this week on the UDB fight.
“One of the Lowe’s project’s biggest backers on the commission is Jose “Pepe” Diaz, who [...]

A Dubious Distinction

Miami may be one of “America’s cleanest cities,” but it certainly is not one of the most bicycle-friendly. This fact was recently recognized in the June 2008 issue of Bicycle Magazine, which bestowed Miami with the dubious distinction of joining Dallas and Memphis as one of the three worst cities in America for bicycling. [...]

Miami’s Urban Development Boundary Crisis

Does anyone even care anymore? With all this talk about global warming, alternative fuels, and the trimming of every government budget due to major financial cutbacks, you’d think the community would be up at arms about an approval to build even yet more development on our western fringes. Ecosystem destruction? Check. Vehicular-oriented development? Check. [...]

London’s Docklands Light Rail System

This is the first of our new Guest articles section on Transit Miami…

London’s Docklands Light Rail System
by TransitDave
Riding a transit system does more than give you a feel for the city you’re in; If you’re a transit buff, you also notice things about the system itself, and compare it to other systems you’ve ridden in [...]

Metro Monday: Cycling Along an LA Freeway

glumbert - The Freeway Ride

Transit Humor: Insufficient Bike Parking

News Briefs

Farecards are coming and we couldn’t be happier. MDT will spend $72 Million to finally upgrade the transit fare collection system, phasing out the cash only system for a new high-tech card. However, on the downside, MDT is also looking to increase fares to $2 among other things in order to improve the [...]

Plan for West Grove: Progress or Gentrification?

Some major changes may be coming to the West Grove soon. According to the Herald, The Point Groupe is trying to build a large mixed use development on Grand Avenue between Plaza Street and Hibiscus Street and Florida Avenue and Thomas Avenue (see image below). To be known as “Grand Village”, the development is [...]

BPAC Committee Meeting Tonight

There is a Bicycle/Pedestrian Action Committee meeting today (April 23, 2008) from 5:30 to 7:30pm. The meeting will take place at County Hall on the 18th floor in conference room #2.

Is an Increase in Waterfront Property on the Horizon?

The Miami Herald is reporting that County Commissioners, today, will hear a report from the “Miami-Dade County Climate Change Task Force,” in which data point to nothing less than a dramatic rise in sea levels on the horizon.
What does this have to do with transportation in Miami? Some of the suggestions for improvement from [...]

Miami’s Trash Bin Assortment

If you’ve been sitting at (or more likely driving by…) one of the Miami-Dade County bus stops lately, then you’ve likely noticed the addition of some new blue trash receptacles. I recently spoke with John Labriola at MDT to get a better understanding of the trash bin program and the financing behind it:
“All were in [...]

Metro Monday: Another Glimpse of the “Tokyo Squeeze”

glumbert - Rush Hour Squeeze

Sony’s Miami Bubble Shoot

It’s been a rough week with the site being down, but we’re glad to be finally back up and running and can’t wait to dive back into action. We’ll be working out the kinks over the next few days or so…
Let’s end the week on a lighthearted note, with images of Sony’s recent “Spring [...]

Welcome to TransitMiami’s New Platform…

For our regular readers, you will definitely notice the changes.  For those who may be joining us for the first time, you’re looking at an evolution in progress.  TransitMiami has left Blogger as its platform for communicating with you, and has moved to WordPress.  WordPress offers a bit more flexibility, more stability, and loads more [...]

Pic o’ the Day: Density Done Wrong

Today’s Pic o’ the Day illustrates what happens when parking requirements and density combine to create disastrous combinations. This city illustrates some finer urban elements in the CBD but as of late has sprawled out beyond control. Can anyone name the city or the suburb?