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Blue Blockers: Perpetrators on 16th Street

On the commute home from work on Tuesday evening we happened upon a frustrating, albeit typical bicycle lane condition. Pictured below is the 16th Street bicycle lane and the overt blockage of the east and west bicycle lanes by none other than MBPD.

Perpetrator 1, 16th Street heading east.

Perpetrators 2 and 3, 16th Street viewing west [...]

Obama Supports Bikes and Rail

I thought it was relevant to share this May 18th Barak Obama speech to residents of Portland. (Not that we want to endorse any one candidate, yet).
“It’s time that the entire country learn from what’s happening right here in Portland with mass transit and bicycle lanes and funding alternative means of transportation. That’s the kind [...]

The week in transit

A lot happened this week behind the scenes and between the lines. Here is a review:
Kudos to this editorial today from El Nuevo Herald columnist Daniel Shoer Roth. I think he did an excellent job in highlighting how mismanaged our transit system is. Accountability goes out the window when ten different departments and municipalities are [...]

Friedman: Next President Should Guarantee High Gas Prices…Forever

Gas Price Equivalents in The Netherlands
New York Times columnist and foreign policy expert Thomas Friedman has written another gem about our oil addiction. He’s long advocated for higher gas and oil prices over the long term to force us to drive less and live more sustainably.
Here are a couple snippets from his most recent column, [...]

“Taking the Lane” With Florida Bicycle Laws

Everyone’s familiar with the rules for bicyclists riding on the road in Florida, right? OK, check the Florida Statutes section 316.2065 for a quick refresher. I’m especially thinking of part 5(a), which spells out when a bicyclist is allowed to “take the lane.” Commute by Bike and Carectomy had some discussion of this issue recently, and [...]

Three Great Articles

Three Great articles I highly recommend.

A Fountain on Every Corner (New York Times)

An entire generation of Americans has grown up thinking public faucets equal filth, and the only water fit to drink comes in plastic, factory sealed. It’s time to change that perception with public fountains in the city’s busiest quadrants, pristine bubblers that [...]

Mexico City: Mega-City, Mega-Smog, Mega-transit

I returned yesterday from a whirlwind weekend trip to Mexico City. My head is still buzzing, perhaps due to the overwhelming amount of smog, but more likely because the sheer amount of kinetic energy inherent to the world’s seventh largest city is still pulsing through my veins. I will post more complete and complementary [...]

Pic o’ The Day: Bike Lanes

DSC00879 - Rue de Rivoli (Paris), originally uploaded by loupiote (Old Skool).

Bikways and Busways fit in with even the grandest of streets…

MDT Free? Could Be…

Major Breaking News – Contrary to our report last week regarding the increase of transit fares, a couple of Miami-Dade County Commissioners (Bruno Barriero and Barbara Jordan) are proposing an additional ½ penny sales tax hike which would eliminate all MDT fares for all riders. The sales tax hike would require a public vote in [...]

Florida 2008 Netroots Awards

Transit Miami is honored to have been nominated in the Best Local Blog Category of the 2008 Netroots Awards.  Voting is online and open to anyone through June 1, 2008 (Click here to Vote).  Show us some support!

Via SFDB (One of our strongest “competitors”…)

Metro Monday: Regularity of Chaos

I’d rather take the train…

Photos from today’s drive

Originally uploaded by seanbossinger

But to get from my folks’ place in Sebastian to our place in the Gables, it would take a 60 minute drive out to Okeechobee for an Amtrak that might or might not be late. So I got stuck driving through today’s light shower. This picture was [...]

Pic ‘O The Day

I am sure there are more than a few Miami-Dade commuters who feel this way. Thanks to The Onion for this gem. Pictured here is the ‘I love Commuting’ Executive Travel Mug. Cheers.

The State of Miami Transit

The County Commission decided to delay its vote Tuesday on the proposed transit hikes. I commend Carlos Jimenez and others for seeing that the issue had to be reconsidered. As Gabe mentioned earlier in the week, the monthly pass really needs to be consistent with the size/reach of our transit system (not higher than NYC). [...]

Mid-Week News Briefs

A Judge has thrown out part of Norman Braman’s lawsuit against the inter-local agreement which among other things enabled the construction of the Marlins’ Ballpark, funded the Port of Miami Tunnel, and expanded the Omni/Overtown CRA district.  Hopefully now the Sunpost will stop touting Braman as a local hero…  It’s no surprise that a car [...]