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Metro Monday: Worst Parallel Parker

glumbert - Chicago Parallel Parker

U.S. Mayors For Bicycling

For those who may not know, at the recent U.S. Conference of Mayors, held in Miami, Miami Mayor Manny Diaz was recently elected to serve as the longstanding organization’s President. Transit Miami has obtained a copy (below) of a resolution drafted by the Transportation and Communications Committee and adopted at this very conference. It [...]

Tri-Rail’s One Year Reprieve

I recently had the chance to spend a whole day riding Tri-Rail (Fully Work Related) and finally got a good glimpse at the quantity of commuters who depend on this rather primitive commuter rail system daily.  Last week, Tri-Rail averted a major financial crisis that would have slashed daily service from 50 to 20 trains [...]

Alton Rd. Public Meeting Followup

On Thursday, Transit Miami attended FDOT’s public hearing on Alton Rd.
FDOT ran a PowerPoint presentation describing the project, and there appears to be nothing new. The parking lane has now been reduced to 8′, and 1′ has been added to the sidewalk in both the preferred alternative and the alternative with bike lanes. So we [...]

Alton Rd. Public Meeting

Just a reminder: Tonight at 6:00 is FDOT’s public hearing on Alton Rd. It will be at the Miami Beach City Hall, 1700 Convention Center Drive, in the Commission Chambers on the 3rd floor. The meeting is supposed to include a presentation by the project team and time for public comments.
Read Gabrielle’s two posts on [...]

Broward County Transit Now On Google Transit

Have you checked out Google Transit yet? It sounded good back when it came out: use Google Maps to plan your transit trip. It’s definitely better than the official South Florida Regional Transit Trip Planner, but we didn’t have any local transit systems on there. Until now.
We can’t be certain when that changed, but Broward [...]

Do You Want Bicycle Lanes Along Coral Way?

If you know something about thoroughfare right of ways in Miami, you know that they are controlled by several different jurisdictions: State, County, City, and even Federal in the case of Interstate 95. While the City of Miami controls many of the local neighborhood streets, they essentially have no control over the the city’s major [...]

Mayor’s Hemispheric Forum

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to attend part of the Mayor’s Hemispheric Forum by Miami Mayor Manny Diaz.  The hemispheric forum occurred prior to the US conference of Mayors, also here in Miami, which officially began yesterday.  Mayor Diaz is being inducted as the President of the Mayors Conference.  I’ll cover this [...]

The Week in Review…

Lots went on this week in transit and I for one am exhausted. I know we have been silent these past few weeks on what has been happening, and speaking for myself, I didn’t have anything new to add to the discussion that I had not already said before. MDT is having problems, ridership is [...]

About those proposed fare hikes…

Flickr Photo Courtesy Redpopjp
After reading Larry Lebowitz’s article in The Miami Herald yesterday, I decided to take a look around the nation at transit fares. 
Here, for your edification (and, hopefully, action), I compare what our fares here in Miami-Dade County would look like after enactment of our commission-proposed fare hike, versus fares of some [...]

Dump the Pump 2008

Apparently today was Dump the Pump Day - the annual transit day, where people are encouraged to try using public transportation for all or part of their daily commutes.  We didn’t get the memo.  Why are these things so poorly publicized?

Transit Fare Hikes Delayed

Larry Lebowitz, Miami Herald Transportation reporter, wrote last night in breaking news that the Miami-Dade Commissioners delayed their vote for a $0.50 hike in bus and train fares for Miami-Dade Transit.  According to Lebowitz, the deferral puts more pressure on the mayor and the transit agency to find solutions to the current cash crunch faced [...]

Pic o’ The Day: Bringing Back Park Ave

From 7 am to 1 pm on August 9, 16, and 23, New York’s Park Avenue will partially resemble it’s earlier form when a municipal park actually occupied the right of way.  A nod to the successful Ciclovia events in Bogota, Colombia, “Summer Streets” will ban all vehicular and bus traffic on the bustling thoroughfare [...]

Transit Privatization

A reconstruction could be brewing for Miami-Dade Transit. Commissioner Javier D. Souto wrote an open letter last week discussing the issues that have arisen with the People’s Transportation Plan. Somehow the Miami Herald has ignored it in their series so far, but the South Florida Business Journal covered the letter. Souto begins by discussing the importance of [...]

Cycling Here and There

Last week I decided to go cycling along the M-Path and was taken aback by the hostility and fragmentation of Miami’s only main Bicycle route. I was even more shocked when last weekend I visited Cambridge again and witnessed first hand the disparity between Miami’s and Cambridge’s cycling facilities. We have a long [...]