Broward County Transit Installs Real-Time Message Boards

Tired of unreliable buses? Sick of not knowing when the bus is coming, or whether you just missed it and have to wait the full 30 minutes for the next one?

We can’t do anything about the unreliable buses until we get a streetcar, but BCT has begun putting up real-time message signs that tell you when to expect the next bus. The first two started operation Thursday at bus stops on Hwy.  441 near Oakland Park Blvd., and more are ready to be installed in the near future. Broward County’s signs one-up many similar systems across the country by including a voice that audibly tells riders when to expect their bus. It’s a great feature for visually impaired or illiterate people, many of whom are forced to ride the bus as they cannot legally drive a car.

Maybe we need some more visually impaired people. We need some way to get people out of their convenient Lexus Cages. Failing a sudden rise in blindness, perhaps comforts like these message boards will help.

Read more details about the boards in the press release. If anyone’s used the message boards, please let us know how they work. How’s the accuracy of the time?


Update 6/11/2008: BCT sent us a picture of one of the message boards. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.



6 Responses to “Broward County Transit Installs Real-Time Message Boards”

  1. 1 Kyle

    Innovative! I’m surprised Broward did this before Miami!

  2. 2 Andrew

    I would have been surprised if Miami did this before Broward. It seems each time Miami has a good idea, the politicians become more corrupt and the money is squandered elsewhere.

  3. 3 JM Palacios

    Miami is too busy digging themselves out of their holes and falling in new ones to get anywhere on things like this. Meanwhile, Broward seems to be slowly plodding in the right direction towards better transit. The next contest will be to see who gets their streetcar first. :-)

  4. 4 Sean Bossinger

    Actually, Miami-Dade implemented something like this recently; but they applied to the one route that is most reliable: Metrorail. Miami-Dade county has implemented a real-time train tracking mechanism that uses similar technology. The difference, of course, being that consumers of the technology have to have a web-capable cellular telephone, or smart phone, to take advantage. Not something that many consumers of the signs at 441 in Lauderdale Lakes would be likely to have - although these phones are becoming quite ubiquitous.

    I wonder if MDTA would consider expanding this program to their bus routes… the buses use the exact same technology as the trains do for real-time position sensing.

    I know… it’s a pipe dream. But I can still dream, can’t I?

  5. 5 JM Palacios

    Yeah, we had a few articles on the train tracker when it was introduced. It’s not as useful to expect all transit users to have a smartphone with internet access. I have a smartphone that could have it (and has WiFi), but I don’t want to pay $30-$50/month for internet access on a 3 inch screen when I already pay the same at home for DSL.

    Perhaps MDT can take a cue from BCT on message boards for the buses.

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