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Posts from ‘July, 2008’

Change in Commuting Habits

An article in the Sun-Sentinel focuses on the shift in commuting habits that has occurred and will continue to occur with our ridiculously high gas prices. We’ve seen this clearly for some time now, so it’s good to see someone other than us transit freaks recognize that solo driving is unsustainable. Some of us will [...]

Transit User Profile: Robertson Adams

I know it may not fully “count” for the Challenge, but I rode my commuter bike today to the South Miami Metrorail station. I ordinarily ride Metrorail to work downtown daily.  Since I typically wait in a long line of cars at Red Road to cross (southbound) U.S. 1 and drop off my daughter, today’s [...]

As Highway Trust Fund Shrinks, Bush Administration Wants to Rob Transit

Image: John Darkow, The Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri
With gas tax revenue falling fast the federal government fears that it may not be able to meet its commitment to states for road projects currently under way. So what does Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters suggest? Simply “borrow” money from the mass transit fund. According to the [...]

Intelligent Traffic Lights

Forget red light cameras like Fort Lauderdale and many other Florida cities want to install. If anything, evidence has shown that they make traffic lights worse, as the cities or the contractors decrease yellow time to hand out more tickets. No, we want to see useful technology come to our traffic lights.
Thankfully, Germany has some [...]


The County Commission was busy recently as it tried to finish up important business before the August recess. Several key votes relevant to our ongoing discussions about transit, planning and the Home Rule Charter were made (or delayed) at the July 17th and 18th meetings. Larry L. hit the nail on the head this [...]

Counting Bicyclists

After a recent Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting I agreed to help Miami-Dade County MPO Bike/ped coordinator, Dave Henderson, count bicyclists. Dave has been doing his annual bicycle count all around downtown Miami recently and I decided to help  him out with the Venetian Causeway portion.
The task was simple: find out how many bicyclists are using [...]

Transit User Profile: Richard Halluk

My experience today was much like every other work day:

7:55 drive one mile to the South Miami metrorail station
8:00 park & catch a train as I reach the top of the stairs
8:12 depart to Brickell metrorail station
8:20 catch the Metro Mover to Financial district
8:25 first to arrive in the offce - unlock the office door

All [...]

Bomb Threat at Douglas Station

Apparently there is some sort of suspicious package that has shut down the douglas road metro station.  I twittered the whole thing but apparently there was some sort of error…  This was the best shot I could get from the bus on my way home and those were all the details the bus driver could [...]

Morning Commute

One Hour and forty minutes – that is how long my commute was this morning from Coral Gables/Coconut Grove to my office in Doral.  Utilizing the 37, 36A, and 41 buses, I seamlessly (for the most part) was able to get to work before the 9 AM arrival time goal.

My day began at 7 AM [...]

More Surveys

For what it is worth, the Miami-Dade MPO is updating their Long Range Transportation Plan. Do your civic duty and follow this link to tell them you want more funding and emphasis on bicycles, pedestrians, and transit!
You can also catch up with their work to date here.

Summer Transit Challenge

Check out the Twitter sidebar for updates on my progress in tomorrow’s Summer Transit Challenge.
If you or someone you know would like to share their transit story with us, feel free to comment or send us an email:

Summer Transit Challenge

That’s right Miami, we are doing it again.  The Transit Miami Summer Transit Challenge is back and we are looking for participants.  This Thursday I along with several coworkers will go car-free to experience Miami-Dade Transit at its finest.  We will be commuting from our homes (Coral Gables, Miami Beach, and West [...]

NIMBYs Fear Bicycle Path

The Not-In-My-BackYard syndrome rages on in Broward County. If there is one facility that seems calm, sedate, and most likely to be desired in one’s backyard, it would be a shared use path for bicycles and pedestrians. No engine noise, no fumes, no rushing traffic. Just some neighbors going for a leisurely stroll or a [...]

Commuter Profile: Ellen Haas

Miami, meet Ellen Haas, a 45-year old commuter bicyclist who lives on 8th Street and 62nd Avenue. Citing fitness, economic, environmental and personal reasons, Ellen recently started bicycling 6.5 miles to work downtown. Transit Miami has asked her a few questions about her commute.

Transit Miami: What was the impetus to start commuting by [...]

Metro Monday: Making the Morning Train

This video is of a subway station in Venezuela when the doors are opened for the first train of the morning.