Happy Independence Day

Watching fireworks from mass transit

Hope everyone has a happy and safe fourth of July!

As you celebrate Independence Day, don’t forget some of the other things we need to seek independence from. The Sun-Sentinel reminds us to declare independence from cars by accommodating all modes of transportation, while the Miami Herald reminds us to share rides to achieve the same goal. Seems like most media outlets around the country are taking advantage of Independence Day to write a piece on independence from cars and/or energy, thanks to rising fuel prices. I think The Globalist takes the cake with a Declaration of Energy Independence.

Speaking of independence from cars, how are you getting to your celebrations today? I am thinking of cycling to see the Fort Lauderdale fireworks on the beach, though I might take the Water Taxi part of the way. That way I won’t have to hunt for and pay for the rare parking spot. What alternative modes of transportation are you using today?

Photo by Flickr user yatta, watching fireworks from the train in NYC.

4 Responses to “Happy Independence Day”

  1. 1 Wild Style

    Did you read the comments on the Sun Sentinel article? They exemplify why this up coming transition in our society is going to be SO painful for many people. People are not educated enough nor mentally prepared to make the appropriate changes to their lives. The days of cheap oil = over. People need to stop blaming “the Arabs” and phantom speculators and embrace reality.

  2. 2 mike lydon

    Good call Wild Style. You have put your finger on heart of this issue. America will go kicking and screaming into the 21st century. However, I think it is our job as urbanists to help them make the transition. It will not be easy.


  3. 3 Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal

    Man, those comments are absolutely vile…

  4. 4 Wild Style


    Indeed! I plan to move back to NYC this year IF I can find a job. Not only because its my home (birth place) but because it has a urban life style that fits in with whats going to happen in this country.

    IF I do not move back home then I plan to move east of 95 and South of Little Haiti in Miami. Far more urban, and from the looks of it, will have early access to the mass transit system Miami plans to build out.

    We all need to start thinking like this. It is going to be EXTREMELY interesting to watch what happens with the western suburbs over the next decade.

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