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Posts from ‘August, 2008’

Freewheelin at Political Conventions

Bicycles in Denver for the Democratic National Convention
Bike sharing is alive in the U.S.! At the Democratic National Convention in Denver and the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Freewheelin is running a bicycle sharing program. Humana (a health insurance company—can you guess why they support people riding bicycles?) and Bikes Belong have partnered to [...]

The Rise of Livable Streets and other Items Worth Viewing On Your Day Off

- Neil Pierce, a thermometer of all things urban, covers America’s growing livable streets movement on Citiwire.
- Cleveland to open its own DASH school, covered by Neil over at CoolTownStudios.
- A rad photo essay of central London at night. Look at those spindly fingers of urbanism in the first photo!
- A few years back, San [...]

Alvarez Proposes Cutting Bus Routes

If you’ve been too distracted by elections and Vice Presidential nominations this week, maybe you haven’t heard yet that Miami Dade Transit may be cutting bus routes. Larry Lebowitz at the Miami Herald has the details on the routes that could be cut. These are routes with plenty of ridership, so nothing to be taken [...]

11 Bicyclists Struck On Macarthur Causeway

11 Bicyclists were struck by a cab driver this morning while bicycling across the Macarthur Causeway. Although one remains listed in critical condition, fortunately no one was killed. The cab driver admitted to falling asleep, inadvertently sending 6 of the 11 bicyclists to the hospital.
Reactions to the accident have been mixed. What were bicyclists doing [...]

UM: Wising Up To Transit

The WSJ and the Herald reported today that UM will no longer allow ‘freshpeople’ to bring cars to campus. ”
“UM’s move to ban cars is part of their Green U initiative, which was launched about four years ago to reduce the university’s dependence on fossil fuels and help the campus become more sustainable, meaning its current-day [...]

Thursday Quote: “Natural” Car Use

“There is no such thing as a natural level of car use. The number of cars used in the city is a political decision. Traffic problems don’t come from more cars, they come from more roads…”
-Former Mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa

The Foresight Dilemma – We Have None

Apparently we were having an HTML error due to the recent wordpress software upgrade.  We apologize for the inconvenience and incomplete emails that were sent out this morning.
Let me see if I am reading this sequence of events correctly:

Miami-Dade County commissioners allowed development [...]

Metro Monday: Beijing’s Newest Subway Line

In the spirit of the Olympics, let’s take a look at one of Beijing’s newest Subway Stations…

Traffic Quiz

Do you fancy yourself a traffic expert? I sure don’t, but thought my status as an observant urbanist might lend itself to a decent score. Well, after submitting to the Tierney Lab Traffic Quiz,  I only got two questions out of ten right. So much for that. Think you can beat me? Take the quiz.

TM [...]

Coral Way Bicycle Lanes A-Go

Transit Miami has just learned that bicycle lanes will now be included in an upcoming Coral Way road project. Thus, expect to see new bicycle lanes from Southwest 12th Avenue to Southwest 15th Road in the not-too-distant-future. Thanks to all who called and emailed their support, and many thanks to our support at City [...]

Transitography 53: Sound Transit – The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority

This is a really cool transit system. Leave it to those hip northwesterners to come up with a functional way of building and operating a regional transit system. The Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority – or Sound Transit – serves over 3 million people in an area of 3,300 square miles in and around [...]

Summer Streets

Summer Streets 2008 (NYC)
The above video link from StreetFilms displays what can happen when a city realizes that streets are for living, not just for moving automobiles.
Modeled after Bogota, Columbia’s Ciclovia, New York City’s Summer Streets program is closing 7 miles of major thoroughfares for three separate Saturday’s during the month of August. The first [...]

Broward County Transit Meetings

Tomorrow, Broward County Transit is having a public hearing on changes to some bus routes. Instead of the service cuts that South Florida sees too often, it looks like their changes mostly consist of service improvements and the addition of a new express route. See their press release for more details, and head over to [...]

Two Steps Back: Surburbanizing the Urban Core

This next segment is the beginning of a new series here on Transit Miami where we will look at certain actions or policies that will invariably counteract true urban progress.
This might be the ultimate mistake in zoning history; constructing a ½ billion-dollar opera/ballet house and later allowing a Wal-Mart to settle in next door.  [...]

LRTP 2035

I recently attended one the public involvement sessions on the Long Range Transportation Plan at the Collins Park Public Library on Miami Beach. 17 members of the community, flanked by an equal number of consultants and staff, played with Lego blocks and ribbons to help formulate the plan for future transportation improvements and enhancements to [...]