UM: Wising Up To Transit

The WSJ and the Herald reported today that UM will no longer allow ‘freshpeople’ to bring cars to campus. ”

“UM’s move to ban cars is part of their Green U initiative, which was launched about four years ago to reduce the university’s dependence on fossil fuels and help the campus become more sustainable, meaning its current-day impact will keep future generations in mind.” Herald

Not only that, they are partnering with Zip car to put an on-campus station. Woohoo! This is very forward thinking and we applaud the U for taking a leadership role in advocating transit use. 

“Among the universities that have partnered with Zipcar to reduce traffic, noise and parking demands are MIT, Columbia, Georgetown, Rutgers, Harvard University, American University, University of Toronto, and the University of North Carolina. ” WSJ

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  1. 1 barney

    Not only that, but UM is FINALLY subsidizing transit passes for employees, but in an odd way that leaves employees with a choice of either transit or parking but no way to combine the two.

    However, in an example of one step forward, two steps back, UM continues to pave its green space. The Coral Gables campus has expanded the serpentine parking lot fronting Ponce de Leon leaving little more than a hedge where once was a sweeping (well for south florida anyway) green and the main entrance road to campus is terminated by one of the most pathetic examples of the high cost of the personal automobile on civic spaces (the sacrifice of open green space to loose gravel parking lots resembling a perpetual construction zone mud and dust included).

  2. 2 JM Palacios

    Now if only FAU would follow this example. Despite the fact that they have a lovely new bicycle path connecting them directly to the Tri-Rail station, they continue to charge a mandatory parking fee even for people like me who will not be driving to class.

  3. 3 Tony Garcia

    The work on the serpentine lot was iffy for me at first too, but the native landscaping that they replaced the berms with won me over. As far as green space is concerned, I would rather have smaller spots that are native, than large fields of grass. Remember the maintenance of those pretty green hills is accomplished on a diesel powered lawnmower. Certainly the U can do better with its open space and planting more natives, but in this case they didn’t do all bad. (Not to mention that a building is planned for this site in the not too distant future.)

  4. 4 Ellen

    UM bookstore also is selling bikes to UM students [only] for around $60 each to discourage car usage.

  5. 5 FIU student

    FIU needs to do this now! Great initiative by UM.

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