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Posts from ‘October, 2008’

Spread the Love

The City of Miami has made the official Bike Miami Promo and Route posters available for download.
Just click here.
Spread the love.

Tri-Rail Switches to Biodiesel

Starting today, Tri-Rail is now using biodiesel fuel in all their conventional trains. The Diesel Multiple Units (DMU’s) will continue to use regular diesel because of their warranty, but the rest of the trains will now be reducing their impact to the environment. Of course, I’m sure cost was the main issue here, with biodiesel [...]

We’re Having a Party

Transmit Miami is throwing a Bike Miami after party on Sunday, November 9th.
Please help us celebrate livable cities, alternative transportation, activism and this momentous event.
Where: Dolores, But You Can Call Me Lolita at Mary Brickell Village.
When: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Who: Transit Miami, You and your non-motorized from of transport/recreation.
If the cool people weren’t enough to entice [...]

Politics in Miami-Dade

In what could only be judged as an effort to stymie opposition on the most contested land use issue in the region, the Miami-Dade Planning and Zoning department has scheduled a public hearing for November 3, regarding an application to amend the County’s Comprehensive Development Master Plan (CDMP).  The hearing, of course, entails the expansion [...]

Tri-Rail Shuttle Shuffle

Remember that vote by Broward County Commissioners to remove funding for Tri-Rail feeder buses in Broward County? Well, the Sun-Sentinel reports that on Tuesday the commission will consider replacing the funding for shuttle buses for at least the coming year.
These shuttle buses are a crucial part of the Tri-Rail service, as the stations themselves are [...]

Sunday Streets

Streetfilms covers San Francisco’s Sunday Streets - could this be a preview of what’s to come in November at Bike Miami?

Transportation For America

Last week, Transportation for America officially launched their plan to improve our nation’s infrastructure, reshape our economy, and wean Americans off foreign oil.  T4America is a grassroots network composed housing, environmental, public health, urban planning, transportation and other organizations.  Transit Miami will be actively working with T4America over the coming months to bring you the [...]

Mid-Week News

(Image Source: Fate the Magnificent’s Flickr)

Miami Beach Mayor Matti Bower is calling to move forward with a plan to build a new convention center rather than the 50,000 SF addition proposed back in 2004.  (Miami Today)
After three years and $7 Million worth of renovations, Miami Beach’s historic City Hall (pictured above) is finally set to [...]

Heard On The Street

“I used to only ride this street on the weekends, you know it can be sketchy. But now I feel there are more bicyclists everywhere and its safer because the cars are starting to expect it.”
-Fellow bicycle commuter on SW 7th Street, heading west from downtown to his job near the airport.

Coming soon to a Health District Near You!

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Question - What’s 11 stories tall, 129,000 SF, located within 0.3 miles of a transit station in a dense transit-oriented quadrant of the city (see map above), and dedicates 54% of its available volume to parking?  If you guessed Miami’s newest rising LEED Silver office structure just south of the Health District, then [...]

Of Buses and Trams

The Florida Department of Transportation has issued a new document entitled Accessing Transit:Design Handbook for Florida Bus Passenger Facilities. At 176 well-illustrated pages, I have yet to dive into this one, but from a quick skim it looks to offer something for every bus transit geek. Download it here.
Looking internationally to, um, Canada, the University [...]


Miami Bicycle Action Plan Available Online

You may now download the Miami Bicycle Action plan here. The accompanying map identifying planned infrastructure improvements will be available soon as well. Check back for updates.

Bike Miami and Future Infrastructure

It is amazing to watch how Green Mobility and other cycling groups have made the City of Miami Move  along with bike infrastructure.  The upcoming Bike Miami could put old school transport back on the map .  As we close the chapter of phenomenal growth in the County, I am disappointed as I gaze back [...]

Miami Bicycle Action Plan Met With Unanimous Support

This morning the Miami City Commission unanimously passed the Miami Bicycle Action Plan! This is a momentous day for Miami, one that should mark a new approach to bicycling in a city that was recently ranked as one of America’s three worst cities in which to ride.
Comprehensive in its scope, the Action Plan calls [...]