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Posts from ‘November, 2008’

Happy Thanksgiving….

For those of you who will be participating in the annual retail ritual that is Black Friday, I thought this photo of Dadeland from December of 1975 would give you the warm and fuzzies. Gobble gobble.

Courtesy of the State of Florida Archives.

Bicycling Disrespect

In Chicago, Thomas Lynch slammed on the brakes of his truck in front of some bicyclists in order to make them crash into them. Why am I posting this? Because he’s from Florida. Fort Lauderdale, to be specific. Read the article here. More importantly, read the 75+ comments from many people who thought the bicyclists [...]

Bike Miami’s New eDigs

The Bike Miami blog, your source for all things Bike Miami, has now moved over to wordpress. As a result, the site is much cleaner and better organized. Check it out here:

Please visit the page often to get all the details for the next Bike Miami, taking place on Sunday, December 14th. It promises [...]

Palmetto/Bird Road Expansion Must Go On! Says FDOT

If traffic engineers and transportation planners were to learn one thing in the last sixty years, they should have learned that we cannot build our way out of traffic congestion. That is to say, expanding roadways with additional travel lanes only induces demand for ever more road space, which gets us back into the exact [...]

Trek Introduces Belt-driven Bicycle

Have you ever gotten grease all over a good pair of pants while riding your bicycle? Well, those disasters can now be at an end with Trek’s replacement of the bicycle chain with a carbon-fiber belt. They have two models, the 8 speed Soho and the single speed District. Read the AP article here. According [...]

Answering the critics…

This letter, by my friend and co-worker Andrew Georgiadis, was published by the Herald yesterday. Please be sure to make your opinion known to the City of Miami commissioners - get their contact info here!

Miami 21 doesn’t stifle creativity
Re the Nov. 18 letter Miami 21 will undermine city’s uniqueness, by Bernard Horovitz, president of AIA [...]

Metro Monday: Parking Time Lapse

Time lapse of a large office building in Canada’s parking lot.  How many acres do you suppose are wasted to accommodate all these cars?  This is a great visual representation of inefficiency at its best…

PS. On Parkland…

Our friends at Eye on Miami did some research and got the contact information for the various members of the Miami-Dade Planning Board. Please look it over and if you feel so compelled let them know how you feel. This project is a fucking calamity, and if you think there was a fight over a [...]

Parkland One Step Closer On Heels of Kendall Apathy

According to this Miami Herald article, the Kendall Federation of Homeowners Associations is coming up mute on Lennar’s proposed Parkland Development, a 931-acre 7,000 home sprawlburg that requires yet another adjustment of Miami-Dade’s urban growth boundary. Perhaps the members of this Federation cannot bring themselves to be hypocrites. That is, the boundary was once moved [...]

Miami 21…postponed again

What a couple of weeks it’s been for Miami 21. After initially getting excited over the prospect of a final commission vote early next year, I was disappointed when the PAB voted yesterday to postpone the approval of zoning maps for the  remaining three quadrants until the board can review changes that have been made [...]

Pic o’ the Day

I-95 around 72nd Street, 1959. Photos courtesy of the State of Florida Archives

Transportation smackdown…

Transit leaders and community residents got together this past weekend for a long overdue transit summit smackdown. Finger pointing and ’roundtable’ discussions were the order of the day in this feeble attempt at covering the collective asses of our municipal leaders (a term use lightly here).  The absence of Transit Committee chair Dorrin Rolle was [...]

Downtown Riverwalk Festival

The first annual Downtown Riverwalk Festival is set for this Saturday, November 22nd, 10am-4pm. For more info, click here.

GM’s Ransom Note (via Streetsblog)

No doubt, the economic peril facing Detroit’s big three is daunting. However, this overly dramatic video from goes too far in predicting a total collapse of the auto-industry.
I am of the opinion that for too long Detroit has refused to innovate and diversify. Thus, I have very little sympathy for them, and in fact [...]

Bicyclist Dies

With all the good news coming out of the bicycling community lately, I am sorry to share that the Miami Herald is reporting:
“A bicyclist was killed early Sunday when he was struck by an SUV while riding on a Southwest Ranches road, officials said.
The name of the cyclist, who appeared to be in his late [...]