Pic o’ the Day

I-95 being built around 79th Street

I-95 looking south at 72 street

I-95 around 72nd Street, 1959. Photos courtesy of the State of Florida Archives

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  1. 1 Dave Reid

    I’d be really curious to see what the area looks like today.

  2. 2 Daniel M. Perez

    Nothing like that except for I-95, I can tell you. That’s my exit to go home at the Beach.

    See a Google Maps view from above here: http://tinyurl.com/659q4p
    I marked the exit ramps (at 69 St) and bend you can see above on the current map. The road that pases under the bend, above, is 79 St.

    Is that while I-95 was being built?

  3. 3 Tony Garcia

    Yes, this was taken when the highway opened in 1959-60. It’s interesting to see the damage the highway did to an otherwise successful neighborhood.

  4. 4 CL Jahn

    Actually, most of the warehouses in the middle left are still there. Zoom in on the map linked above: they are west of 95, between 71st and 72nd. I used to work there, and virtually all those buildings west of 95 along there are still there.

  5. 5 Tony Garcia

    I posted another shot of the overpass under construction. You can see how the highway cuts through the neighborhood behind 72nd street that was full of 1920’s era housing. The highway had two major impacts on this neighborhood: 1)kill property values (creating social and economic problems where there was none) - no one wants to live next to a highway and 2)Stifle pedestrian activity. The structures along 72 street might be the same, but their use is different. From the photos it looks like they where not used as warehouses. It looks like that had active streetfronts, and that it was much easier to walk from 5th avenue to 6th avenue (now disconnected by ten lanes of traffic, a sound barrier and green space.) Anyone who knows what this area looked like pre-I95 please let us know!

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