Trek Introduces Belt-driven Bicycle

Have you ever gotten grease all over a good pair of pants while riding your bicycle? Well, those disasters can now be at an end with Trek’s replacement of the bicycle chain with a carbon-fiber belt. They have two models, the 8 speed Soho and the single speed District. Read the AP article here. According to the article, the District is supposed to begin selling in December; but my local Trek dealer expects a ship date of March if you order now.

Personally, I’ve been considering a single speed bicycle. That and my many pairs of greasy pants have me drooling over the District. While I normally ride in biking clothes, changing is pointless for short trips around the neighborhood.

2 Responses to “Trek Introduces Belt-driven Bicycle”

  1. 1 Collin

    Wow, I wish I could get one of those before the next bike miami on Dec. 14th in downtown Miami.
    They both look so slick too.

  2. 2 Ellen

    I rode a folding bike with a belt a few months ago and I didn’t like it. You couldn’t put your foot on the higher pedal and push down hard to get going, you had to push off from the pavement which was awkward and slow. Maybe it was just the make of the bike [which was not a Trek]. It was a very quiet ride, though.

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