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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

Sailboats vs. FEC Passenger Rail

The New River and sailboats are inseparable. With naught but drawbridges in their way east of I-95 and Tri-Rail’s New River bridge, sailboats frequent that part of the river. Even the mighty US-1 bows to the sailboats by tunneling beneath the river.
A threat looms on the horizon, however. Passenger rail service on the Florida East Coast (FEC) corridor could [...]

MDT Hit and Run

This news is a few days old, but we wanted to post it in case anyone didn’t see the article in the Miami Herald. A bus driver hit a bicyclist and didn’t even bother to stop, ignoring the cries of his passengers.
The bicyclist escaped with some scrapes as an early Christmas present. Fortunately for him [...]

Action Alert: T4 America Needs You

Click here and sign the letter below.
On Nov. 4, Americans voted overwhelmingly to support measures that would fund public transportation — and we’re using it more and more, with ridership levels this year surging at a rate not seen for the past 25 years. The Washington Post editorial board recently said lawmakers should see these [...]

Misanthropic Miami-Dade
If my TM fellow writers want to comment further, by all means…this is just utterly despicable and I don’t know if there is much else to say other than that if you want to build a city for the 21st century, you need to have a transit agency full of employees who don’t extort [...]

One Year On, Miami’s Bicycle Awakening

I recently wrote an op-ed to the Miami Herald chronicling the growth of bicycling in Miami, and the City’s commitment to ensure said growth continues. I can only assume the Herald didn’t print the piece for the same reason they don’t cover anything to do with Bike Miami.
Not to be deterred, I published the piece [...]

News Flurry

Whew! A bunch of news to report today transit nerds.
- Obama has chosen a relative unknown, moderate republican Ray Lahood from Peoriai, for Secretary of Transportation. Streetsblog provides many links to the reactions from the various arms of the livable streets movement.
- On the homefront, Souto defends Tropical Park against yet another ruthless, expensive FDOT-led [...]

Important votes this week…

There are a couple of big meetings this week that everyone should know about:

City of Miami Planning Advisory Board vote on Miami 21. This is a really important meeting for all those interested in seeing Miami 21 enacted. The PAB voted in April of 2007 for the East Quadrant of the city and its underlying [...]

Brickell Receives New Park…For Now

According to this South Florida Business Journal article, developer Tibor Hollo will lease 2 acres of prime development land to the City of Miami. Located at 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, Hollo will lease the undeveloped bayside lot for the whopping sum of $1 a year. In return, the City will landscape the lot [...]

Bike Miami Days II

Whether it was the Dolphins, Christmas shopping to-do-lists, or the complete lack of coverage in the Miami Herald, Bike Miami did not see as many participants as it did last month. Nonetheless, hundreds of people came out and had a good time. An Announcement should be coming forth regarding the 2009 Bike Miami schedule. This [...]

TM BM After Party II

Transit Miami is throwing another Bike Miami after party!
This time, join us for a few burgers, a few beers, and few laughs (ten points for anyone who knows the movie reference there), at Tobacco Road, conveniently located on the South Miami Avenue portion of the Bike Miami route. We’ll belly up to the bar [...]

If Manny Had His Way…

…South Florida, and especially Miami, would become better-connected: locally, regionally, and internationally. According to this front page Miami Herald article, that is exactly what Mayor Diaz has asked for in his portion of the US Conference of Mayors infrastructure plan wish list. The list, which comprises more than $10 billion worth of projects, is the [...]

The Thursday (not) So Funny

This one from Veritas et Venustas by way of Buffalo Beast.

City Gears Up For Bike Miami Days

Let this be your friendly reminder that Bike Miami is returning this Sunday, from 9-3pm in downtown Miami. Now operating as a monthly event, we have Bike Miami Days, as in there will be plenty more car-free streets to enjoy in Miami’s future.
This month’s event seeks to build on the critical success of the inaugural [...]

Public Transit Up; Auto Industry Down

The American Public Transportation Association released figures Monday on third quarter growth in public transportation. Tri-Rail ranked as the second fastest growing commuter rail system in the country with a whopping 32.9%. Public transit use overall jumped 6.5% between July and September across the country, while automobile use shrunk by a much larger 4.6%. More [...]

Bus Bicycle Rack Rap

Say that tens time fast.
Via Streetsblog, the Louisville Transit Authority is using a corny rap video to promote the use of bicycle racks on buses. Funny thing is, it may be working…