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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Transit Humor: DOT Zombie Evacuation

This is hilarious. I don’t know about you, but if I saw this on the 826 I would not know what to do with myself. Do you have your escape plan ready? I sure do  - its good to know the DOT has our back.
Transportation officials in Texas are scrambling to prevent hackers from changing [...]

Miami Beach Street Improvements: We Want Bike Lanes!

FDOT is holding a public meeting to discuss the resurfacing of Collins Avenue. Current plans are unclear as to whether bike lanes are included, even though state law requires bike facilities when improving roadways in this manner. If they can add bulb outs, then there should be room for bike lanes.  Please come to this [...]

Bicentennial Park Hit-And-Run turned Abuction

Another hit-and -run in downtown Miami is further compounded by what seems like an abduction of the victim, the Herald Reports.  Miami-Dade County seems to be averaging at least one hit-and-run per week in 2009. Please read the full article and report any info you may have to the authorities.

Development Threatens M-Path, MacArthur to Get Bicycle Lanes?!

Yesterday’s Miami-Dade County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) meeting was filled with interesting news. As Spokes n’ Folks reported, much attention was given to a couple of urban infill projects in Coral Gables, located adjacent to the M-Path.
Dadeland Station developer Jeff Berkowitz is moving forward with plans to redevelop the Deel Ford parcel, the larger [...]

Quote of the Day…

In the current system, the federal government sends money to states without any real effort to evaluate whether it will pay for worthy projects. States rarely do serious analyses of their own. They build new roads before fixing old ones. They don’t consider whether those new roads will lead to faster traffic or simply more [...]

The Marlins Ballpark: A Lost Opportunity

As the Marlins stadium agreement moves toward a final vote at the February 13 County Commission meeting, we finally have more detailed renderings and a site plan of the proposed ballpark. Aside from the fact that I’m philosophically opposed to the deal in its current form, the hodgepodge site plan and bland design don’t do [...]

Commissioner Sanchez Announces Candidacy

Commissioner Joe Sanchez has officially entered the race for Manny Diaz’s mayoral seat. His sole opponent will likely be Commissioner Tomas Regalado.  Sanchez is known for aligning with Mayor Diaz on most issues, especially as they relate to the physical development of the city. He is also a very large supporter of Bike Miami Days [...]

Zoning Battle Royale

Zoning battles make for great entertainment - especially when your old high school is one of the combatants.  As a proud Belen alum, I’m not surprised at the ongoing fight between the Jesuit private school and area residents. Typical of zoning battles, the argument has more to do with bad PR and community relations (on [...]

A Transit Paradox

Noting the transit paradox — more and more riders, less and less funding — Richard Fausett of the LA Times has written an excellent piece featuring our own embattled Tri-Rail system. Says Fausett:
The dramatic spike in gas prices that began in 2005 sent Americans flocking to trains, buses and subways, a trend that appears to [...]

Monday Links

- Linda Robertson uses the  Miami Marathon as a platform for discussing Miami’s ongoing lack of pedestrian, bicycle, and outdoor recreation accommodations. (FYI- yours truly ran it yesterday, and is struggling to walk today). (Miami Herald)
- Broward Doctor struck down and killed crossing a downtown Miami street.  Unsurprisingly, the perpetrator drove off before being caught [...]

Get Involved: LRTP Meetings in your area!

For the
You are invited to attend a Public Meeting to review and comment on the draft Needs Alternative of the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The LRTP is being developed to guide federal, state, and local transportation funding allocations through the Year 2035 and the Needs Alternative is a [...]

‘Safety Initiative’ to Rise in Wake of Hit-and-Run Incident

The Miami Herald reports that in response to the recent killing of 11-year old Ashley Nicole Valdes, Miami-Dade officials are crafting an initiative that “will let residents know about ’significant incidents that involve local law enforcement.’” With little other detail at this point, who knows what that actually means.
Call me cynical, but what Miami-Dade needs [...]

Listen Up: Miami 21 Discussion on WLRN Today

To listen online, click here.

Wednesday, January 21

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.


WLRN 91.3 FM

Topical Currents

Host Joseph Cooper discusses Miami 21 and its impact on the future of the City of Miami with guests:

Bernard Zyscovich
Zyscovich Architects

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company

Elvis Cruz
Miami Neighborhoods United

Bravo Mayor Alvarez!

I thought it would be nice to start the week off with some hope - there seems to be a lot of it going around. Last week was a roller coaster ride for transit advocates across the country. From Seattle to the Twin Cities, everyone was asking what transit solutions could be expected from the [...]

Livable Streets Education Flashback: 1950

This Disney cartoon from 1950 (!) places Goofy in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde scenario whereas Mr. Walker (pedestrian) is perpetually threatened by Mr. Wheeler ’s (driver) quest for roadway supremacy.
Sadly, not much has changed…
Thanks to Felipe Azenha for the tip.