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Train Enthusiasts Apprehended for 7-Mile CSX Joyride

Remember our friend James Harris, the Miami-Dade bus stealer?
Well, the Sun-Sentinel reports that he has been outdone by a couple of “train enthusiasts.”
How ’bout them apples?
In all seriousness, click here to get the full story.

Quick Glance: US Subway Systems Show Dismal Ridership Numbers

This excellent transit comparison comes to us from Cooltownstudios, via GOOD Magazine. The top five systems are located in the United States, while the bottom five are from locations around the world. The trains’ length represent total track length, while the human silhouettes represent the daily  ridership levels (in millions). With that clear, it it [...]

Action Alert: Miami-Dade’s Million Dollar Bicycle Infrastructure Push

In the final moments of last night’s BPAC meeting,  Jeff Cohen of Miami-Dade Public Works announced that Mayor Alvarez is getting somewhat serious about improving bicycling conditions.  So much so that the County committed one million dollars to expanding bicycle lanes throughout the County in 2009.  Their preference is to find those thoroughfares where all [...]

Mayor Diaz to Outline Bike Month At City Hall Tomorrow

Last year Mayor Diaz publicly declared that March would become Miami’s official Bicycle Month.  Diaz’s decision was wise, as it provides cooler weather and a way to distinguish Miami from the state’s existing bike month, which happens in May. Think of it as twice the fun.
Tomorrow at 9am, at City Hall, Mayor Diaz will discuss [...]

Busy Bees…

The Miami-Dade County Commission Agenda for March 3 is out and it is full of fun items…here are some that I found interesting:

Improvements along Old Cutler based on the Old Cutler Charrette including roundabouts at 87th and 97th avenue, along with pedestrian/bike path upgrades and facilities from Cocoplum Circle to 224 Street.
Commissioner Jordon wants to [...]

Pic(s) ‘O the Day

Bicycle lane placed inside parking along Grand Street, NYC.

Physically separated bicycle lane, with bicycle priority light signalization,  9th Avenue, NYC.

Down the drain…

The agenda seemed promising at first: a mixture of large and small transit, bridge, and road projects that would have put people to work AND addressed the problem of  transit in this community. The hope and excitement I felt when reading the initial lists of proposed stimulus projects is fading fast - last week the [...]

Housing Prices Illustrated

I came across this graph and it made me think about something I noticed in the stimulus graphic Mike posted last week.  With property values likely to continue to drop in the near future (and assuming a less dramatic drop than the one illustrated below), the reduced values will have an effect on local government [...]

The Stimulus Bill Illustrated

For those who like visual representation, like me, this graphic from the Washington Post may help you understand the architecture of the stimulus bill (Click here for the full graphic).

Our New Passenger Rail Grid

Image courtesy of National Association of Railway Passengers

Homestead the new Doral??

This from the Herald today:
…a group of investors are developing a large chunk of Homestead’s Park of Commerce — 270 acres lying west of the Homestead-Miami Speedway and east of Florida’s Turnpike — into what they believe will become South Florida’s largest luxury business park.
Once complete, the aptly named ParkSouth will house 1.4 million square-feet [...]

Bike Miami Days Returns, Joins Flagler Fest and Walk for The Animals

This Saturday,  Bike Miami Days is joining forces with the 8th annual antique car Flagler Fest and the 2009 Purina Walk for The Animals. With ever more programs, events, music, and things to do,  and now in conjunction with these two concurrent events and many partnering businesses, organizations and municipalities, this is likely to be [...]

Wednesday News is up and running. Nuff said.
President Obama talks with the Washington Post, and discusses the upcoming transportation reauthorization bill, to be taken up by Congress later this year.

…I think there should be some way for us to — just think how can we rationalize the process to get the most bang for the buck, [...]

Quote of the Day

The great urbanist Jane Jacobs was among the first to identify cities’ diverse economic and social structures as the true engines of growth. Although the specialization identified by Adam Smith creates powerful efficiency gains, Jacobs argued that the jostling of many different professions and different types of people, all in a dense environment, is an [...]

Looking Back at ‘08: How Far We’ve Come

“What a difference a year makes” - that according to our own Mike Lydon commenting in the Herald today about the strides the City of Miami has taken since his last commentary on the subject at the end of ‘07.
Throughout last summer, the Bicycle Action Committee crafted an ambitious plan. It calls for the expansion [...]