Pic o’ the Day: When Bike Use Exceeds Capacity…

In Stuttgart, Germany when bicycle use far exceeded the capacity of the transit system, officials sought a creative alternative without limiting commuting options.

Via: Maria in Europe & The Overhead Wire

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  1. 1 John

    wow! when will Miami have something like this?! anytime before the year 2030?

  2. 2 Steve Malagodi


  3. 3 Mike Lydon

    That’s pretty amazing, even though it looks really ugly. Today’s Streetfilms’ BRT post from Los Angeles shows that they are now using triple bicycle racks on the front of the buses, as opposed to the normal two like we have on the Miami-Dade County buses.

    going to the triple may not be a bad idea on some of the lines that I see frequently, as they frequently at capacity.

  4. 4 JM Palacios

    BTW, Broward County has been putting triple bicycle racks on all their new buses.

  5. 5 RideTHISbike.com

    Now that makes sense!

  6. 6 Graham

    People should know that this line is a cog-railway up a fairly steep hill. Thus the need to get the bikes people ride downhill into the city from the suburb back up the the suburban hills in the evening.

  7. 7 Mike Lydon

    Good to know Graham, and all the more practical!

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