On the Scene: Bike To Work Week


If you were a bike commuter this morning along the Venetian Causeway or Southwest 2nd Avenue then you may have been lucky enough to snag a free donut, cup of coffee, or at least a friendly wave from Bicycle Coordinator Collin Worth or the City’s Office of Sustainable Initiatives. That’s my half-eaten chocolate sugar bomb on the table.

4 Responses to “On the Scene: Bike To Work Week”

  1. 1 Debbie

    So rad! Hit me up if you guys need another volunteer for this! How nice would it be if everyone could bike to work…

  2. 2 james franklin

    oooooh, how i could have used a donut and coffee on the way to school this morning. were you (collin) around at 7:30?

    on a less pleasant note, today was the first time that someone tried to steal my bike in overtown. it was on ne 14th st just over the tracks from the vagabond/ps14 etc (which were shockingly busy at 7:30am). there were lots of people and the guy actually had to run around a parked delivery truck and the delivery man. he kept shouting, “i want that bike.”

    i didn’t stop to see if anyone would have helped me. the guy and his friends all seemed completely out of it (and out of place in overtown).

    keep up the good reporting!

  3. 3 Mike Lydon

    Hi James, you must have just missed Collin as I hit him up a little before 8am. As for all of the people in Overtown/Omni/Park West, they are here for the winter music festival.

  4. 4 philip

    If only I’d taken the Venetian instead of the 96th St bridge! Then I would have had some sweets and instead of getting run over by a very nice man and his one year old!

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